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Gyozen In Ghost Of Tsushima Legends: Know More About The Voice Actor Behind Gyozen

Gyozen is a new character introduced in Ghost Of Tsushima Legends and the fans are loving him. They want to know the man behind the character. Read more


Ghost Of Tsushima Legends has just been launched and the players seem to love it. The new update starts with a small tutorial.  But the fans have spotted some similarities in the narrator’s voice. Gyozen is the narrator for Ghost Of Tsushima Legends and the fans want to know the actor behind Gayozen. Read more to know about Gayozen voice actor from Ghost Of Tsushima Legends. 

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Gayozen voice actor in Ghost of Tsushima Legends


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The gamers have been talking about Gayozen in Ghost Of Tsushima Legends since a long time now. They want to know the name of the voice actor playing Gayozen. Greg Baldwin, the voice behind Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra’s Iroh character and Aku from Samurai Jack.

He is a well-known voice actor in the Industry with a strong fan base for almost all of his fictional characters. The fan reactions on playing Gayozen in Ghost Of Tsushima Legends certainly adds another successful character to Greg Baldwin’s voice acting list. The social media has also been dominated by the number of fan Tweets about the same. So we have picked some popular fan reactions on Gayozen voice actor, Greg Baldwin in Ghost Of Tsushima Legends.


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More about Ghost Of Tsushima Legends

The makers have introduced a new multiplayer mode that will ring in two-player story missions and four-player survival missions to the game. The players will need to unlock a new character known as Gyozen. He will be seen at different locations across various towns and villages. Approach Gyozen in order to hear stories about the Ghosts. After the stories, you will be transported into the multiplayer mode that is also known as Ghost of Tsushima Legends. As you enter the game, you will be greeted with a short tutorial before choosing the class they wish to unlock first. They need to unlock the classes as they keep completing the Ghost of Tsushima Legends.

At the start of the multiplayer mode, the players will get an option to choose from 4 different. classes. The first one is a Samurai class that is built to tackle combat head-on. The second one is Hunters who are designed to attack for long-ranged attacks. The next one is Ronin who has the ability to revive teammates. The last one is Assassins which can help the players by giving a substantial amount of damage with a single attack to the opponents. To make your gameplay easier, we have listed down all the classes in Ghost of Tsushima Legends. 

  • Samurai
  • Hunter
  • Ronin
  • Assasin

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