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How To Unlock Characters In Spelunky 2? List Of All The Characters In The Game

How to Unlock Characters in Spelunky 2 has been one of the most asked questions lately. Thus we have decided to pick these and answer them right here. Read more

how to unlock characters in spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 is a popular video game that has been collectively developed by Mossmouth and BlitWorks. This was an addition to the Spelunky game franchise that was started in 2008. Currently, the makers have been on the top of their game to keep updating their game. They are also adding a number of new features like different skins in the game. The players have been asking a lot of questions lately. Read more to know about Spelunky 2.

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How to unlock characters in Spelunky 2?

The players want to know the answer to questions like How to unlock characters in Spelunky 2. This can be answered by watching videos of the popular streamers and can also get a lot of information about the same on the game’s official website. If you still have not been able to figure it out, don’t worry. We have got you covered. Here is our step-by-step guide that shows how to unlock characters in Spelunky 2. 

The players can start unlocking the characters in Spelunky 2 by unlocking them from coffins. These specific coffins can be spotted inside the caves. Enter these caves and you will see a number of scattered coffins laying around. But there is no 100 surety that you will always find the coffins in there. This is only because the caves in Spelunky are randomly generated. Thus looking out for different caves in Spelunky might be your best chance to unlock new characters. 

After finding the coffin, the player just needs to open it and the bonus character within will be unlocked. If you have already managed to find that specific coffin, then it will give you an NPC character. This might be a useful addition to your game that will surely help you throughout your journey through different means.

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Spelunky 2 all characters

  • Ana Spelunky: Default 
  • Margaret Tunnel: Default 
  • Colin Northward: Default 
  • Roffy D. Sloth/: Default 
  • Alto Singh: Default 
  • Liz Mutton: Location: Jungle
  • Nekka the Eagle: Location: Black Market (secret area in Jungle)
  • LISE Project: Location: Volcana
  • Coco Von Diamonds: Location: Vlad's Castle 
  • Manfred Tunnel: Location: Olmec's Lair, Ankh Room
  • Little Jay: Location: Tide Pool
  • Tina Flan: Location: Abzu
  • Valerie Crump: Location: Temple
  • Au: Location: City of Gold
  • Demi Von Diamonds: Location: Yeti Cave
  • Pilot: Location: Mothership
  • Princess Airyn: Location: Neo-Babylon
  • Dirk Yamaoka: Location: Sunken City
  • Guy Spelunky: Complete the game to unlock
  • Classic Guy:  Complete the game to unlock

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