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How To Wish On Stars In Animal Crossing And When Can You Spot Them?

When you wish upon shooting stars in Animal Crossing, you are able to find many star fragments. Read on to learn how to wish on stars in Animal Crossing.

How to wish on stars in Animal Crossing

Shooting stars are the only way in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to find Star fragments. Players who get a chance to wish upon these shooting stars are blessed with these rare crafting materials which can be utilised for creating a number of items. These special stars usually appear during meteor showers.

When you wish upon a shooting star in New Horizons, you can actually make sure that those meteors land on your island. The next morning, you will see many Star Fragments scattered on the shore. The amount of these fragments depend on the number of shooting stars that you had wished upon. So, let us take a look at how you can actually wish on a shooting star and what time do they actually come out in New Horizons.

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How to wish on stars in Animal Crossing?

The shooting stars are available in a number of different varieties and are a rare crafting material in the game. And since there isn’t any other way to get Star Fragments in the game, meteor showers are quite uncommon. Before you wish upon a shooting star, you actually need to find one.

The best way to find a shooting star is going to a place which allows you to view a large patch of the sky. Once you find the right place, you simply need to wait for a chime-like sound, which indicates that a shooting star is about to pass overhead. Once you spot a shooting star, you simply need to press ‘A’ as you spot a shooting star. Once you press the button, it will result in you making a wish. You can constantly hit the ‘A’ button every time you see a shooting star. However, if you were able to spot a shooting star but you failed to make a wish, you don't need to worry. This is because more and more stars will come afterwards, meaning you will have enough time to be ready.

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When do shooting stars come out in Animal Crossing?

Meteor Showers can be completely random, but you will be informed that a Meteor Shower is about to come as part of the daily morning announcements. Shooting stars usually come out between 19:00 and 04:00.

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