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No Bounties In Warzone? Know What The Makers Had To Say About This Glitch

No Bounties in Warzone has been one fo the most trending topics in the gaming community. the makers have addressed this issue through their Twitter. Read

no bounties in warzone

Warzone Season 6 has been launched and the fans have been loving it. The makers are fully focused on bringing in some of the most talked-about changes in their game. They recently managed to gain a lot of attention for their Warzone bounty contracts. The players want to know about the changes that are being made to the game. Read more to know about No Bounties in Warzone. 

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No Bounties in Warzone

The players have been asking questions like “why are there no bounties in Warzone”. This is a small glitch that has been faced by the players after makers released their Season 6 for Warzone. This is a basic glitch faced by the players while playing Warzone. This has been taking into consideration by the makers after a huge number of players started uploading their views about there being no bounties in Warzone. The players have also been facing issues like being disconnected from the game due to the bounties in Warzone. The issue went so popular that Infinity Ward themselves had to share a Tweet about the same. 

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Infinity Ward took to their Twitter account to share an update about No Bounties in Warzone. They wrote, “We're investigating an issue where Bounty Contracts could be causing players to disconnect while in #Warzone. A playlist update is deploying now across all platforms to remove the Bounties while we investigate further.” A previous Tweet shared by also talks about some other issues that had been resolved. The Tweet said, “A patch is rolling out now that resolves this issue across all platforms. Thank you again for your patience while we worked on a solution and if you experience any further issues, please reach out to @ATVIAssist”. 

More about COD Warzone 

Call Of Duty Warzone is a multiplayer game that basically works on the main concept of battle royale. Apart from the battle royale wins, there are a number of other challenges and quests for the players to earn some extra points and money. The game has been created by Infinity Ward and Raven Software and has been published by Activision. It has been developed by TiMi Studios and published by Activision and Garena for Android and iOS. This game was a total hit after it managed to earn around US$327 million with their 250 million downloads that were completed by June 2020. The makers recently confirmed that Season 6 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone is has been released on September 29, 2020. 

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