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NVIDIA RTX 3090 To Be The World's First 8k Gaming Graphics Card

NVIDIA RTX 3090 to be the world's first 8k gaming graphics card. Pricing is on the same level as of TITAN GPUs and boasts a 50% plus performance from Titan RTX.

nvidia rtx 3090

The GeForce RTX 3090 is the world’s first graphics card that lets you play, capture and watch in 8K HDR. 4X as many pixels as 4K, and 16X as many pixels as 1080p. Read on for more details.

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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 details 

Nvidia recently announced its RTX 3080 which is the successor to the RTX 2080, but the company also had a surprise giant GPU ready: the RTX 3090. The RTX 3080 will start with 10GB of GDDR6X memory, while the RTX 3090 ships with a huge 24GB of GDDR6X memory. Nvidia promises that the RTX 3090 will be capable of 60fps gaming at 8K resolutions and that this is the world's first 8k gaming GPU.

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NVIDIA RTX 3090 8k

The RTX 3090 is based on Nvidia’s Ampere GPU architecture, which promises some impressive performance gains for PC gaming and ray tracing. Nvidia claims the RTX 3090 is the “world’s first 8K gaming GPU,” with 8K HDR ShadowPlay support, HDMI 2.1, and a whole lot more. Nvidia is using 10,496 CUDA cores on the RTX 3090, combined with a boost clock of 1.70GHz and 24GB of GDDR6X memory.

Nvidia is labelling the RTX 3090 a “big ferocious GPU” (BFGPU). The card will occupy three slots and include a silencer to make it up to 10 times quieter than the existing Titan RTX graphics card. Nvidia says the RTX 3090 will also be up to 50 per cent faster than the Titan RTX and will require a 750-watt power supply. The card itself is expected to utilize around 350 watts of power.

World's First 8k Gaming GPU

Nvidia RTX 3090

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The GeForce RTX 3090 is the world’s first graphics card that lets you play, capture and watch in 8K HDR. That’s 4X as many pixels as 4K, and 16X as many pixels as 1080p, for incredible levels of detail. With the stunning contrast of HDR, gamers can have a whole new level of gaming brilliance.

Gamers would also be able to stream and playback videos at 8K HDR using the new AV1 decoder on GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs, which would enable more efficient playback of 8K HDR YouTube videos. With much more efficient compression than H.265, AV1 dramatically lowers the internet bandwidth requirements gamers need to stream high-resolution video.

NVIDIA RTX 3090 Release Date

This high-end card, the RTX 3090, is said to be capable of 8K resolution at 60 FPS performance--the RTX 3090 will launch on September 24 and RTX 3090 price starts at $1500. RTX 3000 series pre-orders are not yet available. Nvidia's website has a "notify me" button which will notify interested users on its release.

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