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Zenon Fortnite Ban Enrages Netizens As #FreeZenon Trends On Twitter

Zenon Fortnite ban has evidently enraged a number of Internet users as they are criticising the game for banning a nine-year-old streamer. Read details below.

zenon fortnite ban

Fortnite is one of the most famous battleground games around the world and it is known that the game bans users regularly for cheating on the battleground or due to other various reasons. This time around, when Fortnite banned a nine-year-old streamer from Brazil, it quickly turned into a virtual moment as more and more people started to weigh in on the matter. Within no time, a number of netizens came up to the support of Zenon and wished for Fortnite to lift the ban on Zenon. 

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Zenon Fortnite ban

The nine-year-old streamer from Brazil named Zenon has been playing Fortnite under the supervision of his father. Recently, the streamer joined an Arena Mode match where only players above 13 years of age are allowed to play. There was no money involved in the Arena Mode match, Zenon got banned from playing Fortnite entirely for 1,459 days i.e four years. Technically, the ban tenure ends when Zenon would reach the age of 13. The video of Zenon getting banned from Fortnite is also doing rounds as the little streamer bursts into tears after knowing he has been banned. Check out the video below - 

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As the controversy broke, a number of Fortnite players started tagging Epic Games in their tweets asking them to lift the ban. While some users were quick to comment that Zenon was underage to play Arena Mode game, some also sympathised with him as there was no money involved in the specific game Zenon was playing. A number of famous steamers like Ninja have also weighed in on the issue. 

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zenon fortnite ban 9 year old banned from fortnite 	zenon banned 	fortnite news  you are currently banned from fortnite

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