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Eurasian Duck Crossword Clue; Here Are All The Possible Answers

The Eurasian duck crossword clue can be found in many daily crossword puzzles. Here is a list of possible answers that one can use to solve the crossword.

eurasian duck crossword clue

Crossword puzzles are one of the best and most engaging ways to spend time at home while one is following the lockdown orders. These crossword puzzles not only give a sense of productivity but also accelerates one’s brain into thinking and applying their logic and knowledge to something. Crossword puzzles are word puzzles with clues, and each word is connected to the other. As the words start to fill one by one, it gets easier to solve the quiz.

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'Eurasian duck crossword puzzle' clue

Sometimes, there are very hard and difficult clues given and one struggles to solve the crossword. One such question or clue that can be found in many crossword puzzles is about a Eurasian duck. A person is supposed to name the duck and fill out the boxes. There are many answers that can fit under the same clue, but one has to look at the clues given, especially the number of letters indicated.

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Four-lettered clues:

If the clue given is ‘Eurasian duck’, then the right answer can be either Smew or Teal. The word Smew can also be the answer to the clue ‘Small Eurasian duck’. These two are the most likely to appear in crosswords.

Five-lettered clues:

Here, it is only a matter of reading the crossword clue properly. If the clue is given as ‘Eurasian ducks’, then the answer to this can be ‘Smews’. One needs to be careful if the clue hints at plural or singular.

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Six and seven-lettered clues:

A variant of clue on Eurasian ducks is ‘Eurasian duck found in marshes and swamps’. The answer to this can be ‘Widgeon’. This is a seven lettered clue. If it is a six-letter one, then the answer can be ‘Wigeon’. The clue to the six-letter one is ‘The Eurasian duck Anas Penelope’.

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Ten-lettered clues:

One rare crossword clue that one might come across is ‘Widespread Eurasian duck’. The answer to this will be ten-lettered. The answer to this can be ‘Commonteal’

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