Baloch Activist Accuses Pak PM, Says 'Imran Khan Is A Puppet'

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Pakistan Activist, Nabi Baloch, in a statement to Republic TV, said that PM Imran Khan is a puppet. He also explained the atrocities committed on Balochis.

Written By Rishabh Mishra | Mumbai | Updated On:

Pakistan Baloch Activist, Nabi Baloch, in an interview given to Republic TV, said that PM Imran Khan is a 'puppet'. He explained the atrocities that have been committed on the people of Balochistan in the name of religion. He also pointed out the duality and the hypocrisy of PM Imran Khan and all the other PMs that Pakistan has had. This comes after Imran Khan has spoken about Kashmir’s communication blockade at the United Nations, Nabi has accused all the Pakistan PMs of being a mouthpiece of the army. Also, as the Pakistan PM Imran Khan attends the UNGA in New York, two martial laws have been passed in Pakistan.  

Nabi Baloch questions Imran Khan 

Nabi Baloch in a statement to Republic TV said, “My question goes to Imran Khan. He is talking about Kashmir and Muslims, but aren’t Baloch Muslims? Over the past years, Balochs have been killed by the Pakistani Army and we have received thousands of mutilated bodies. More than 5,000 lives have been lost in Balochistan. I think the representatives and powerful people sitting inside the UN should be responsible and ask the question as to why the situation in Balochistan is becoming worse day by day. This is why I say that we want to be free, we don’t want to be a part of Pakistan anymore. We want a free Balochistan. It’s our right as a human being to be free.” 

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When asked about the two martial laws passed in Pakistan, on September 24, while Imran Khan was at the UNGA, Nabi Baloch said, “Pakistan was made in the name of Islam, but I would like to clarify that a country does not work in the name of religion, a country needs a democratic base. Also, I’d like to say that Imran Khan is a puppet, the Prime Ministers that have come before him, including Imran Khan have no role in the country’s decision making. The Army has time and again influenced democratic decisions. Now, he is using Islam’s card even on us, they have been killing people by saying that the Balochis are the citizens of Israel, America, and India. But we have our own democratic rights and individuality, we want our freedom and we are not some other country’s agent.” 

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Baloch activists demand 'Free Balochistan' from Pakistan 

Balochi Activists spoke to Republic TV a few days ago, they requested PM Modi and President Trump to intervene in the matter. They said, "We have a request to the Prime Minister who has reached Houston. Our basic demand is to remove the hold of Pakistan on Balochistan, where human rights violation is being done. Cultural genocide, mass killings and mass grabbing are occurring. We demand President Donald Trump and PM Modi to intervene. They are the world's top two leaders and we demand them to help us in the freedom of Balochistan. The CPEG project in Balochistan is a genocide project because Pakistan has never cared for Balochi people, only their land, property. Hence we are here and will be standing outside the venue with banners - Free Balochistan. We want free Balochistan from Pakistan."

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