'Tauba Tauba' Reporter Back With New Rant & Absurd Appeal To Pak PM

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The reporter from Pakistan, known for his ludicrous 'Tauba Tauba' rant, has yet again emerged on the internet to condemn India, this time over Kashmir. 

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Updated On:

The reporter from Pakistan, known for his ludicrous 'Tauba Tauba' rant, has yet again emerged on the internet to condemn India, this time over Kashmir. The 'Tauba Tauba' reporter, in his latest clip, expresses his frustration with India over the curfew imposed in Kashmir following the abrogation of Article 370. In his fictitious rant, the Pakistani reporter talks about how there's a lack of "water and electricity" in Kashmir. 

Furthermore, the reporter in a laughable appeal asks Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Pakistan Army to 'attack Kashmir and drop an atom bomb on New Delhi.'

He said, "This is a 'Tauba Tauba' situation, today it has been 27 days since the curfew has been imposed in Kashmir. People are waiting for medicines, the sick are waiting to get to the hospital, people are not getting water and electricity, people don't have internet and mobile services. This is Tauba Tauba situation, Indian Forces have imposed a curfew for 27 days."  

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"In this situation, I'd like to appeal to Imran Khan and Pakistan Force that they should immediately attack Kashmir and drop an atom bomb on Delhi. Atom bomb should be thrown on Delhi and other cities of India. This is a Tauba Tauba situation and Indian Forces must be taught a lesson that if Kashmir is in sorrow, then every Indian child must feel the pain," the Tauba Tauba reporter said. 

Tauba Tauba rant after Balakot airstrikes

The infamous reporter on April 6 took on the ariel dogfight between India and Pakistan on February 27, when the latter violated India's airspace in a military retaliation to IAF's counter-terror airstrikes in Balakot. 

The broadcast took place in Pakistan's Channel 42, and in it, the viral 'Tauba Tauba Tamatar' reporter standing close to the India-Pakistan border (according to him) hails the Pakistan Army for doing 'Tauba Tauba' of India and shooting the Indian Aircraft and capturing 'pilots'.  

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Recalling the Balakot strikes, the reporter said, "When India attacked us, we had no proof but today we have proof, by capturing India's pilot we have done 'Tauba Tauba' of India." 

While you watch this piece of 'journalism', don't miss how the Tauba Tauba reporter signals the crowd behind him to chant for Pakistan, at around 1 minute 19 seconds. 

Imran Khan's nuclear threat

Pakistan PM Imran Khan in an absurd claim reiterated his absurd 'nuclear war' threat to India. On August 27, Imran Khan has tried garner international headlines by making a statement on the Kashmir situation, indicating that Pakistan will go to any extent on the issue, even nuclear war. 

"If the (Kashmir) conflict moves towards war then remember both nations have nuclear weapons and no one is a winner in a nuclear war. It will have global ramifications," he said.

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