Photos Of Adorable Rescue Cat Who Looks Like Baby Yoda Breaks Internet

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Photos of an adorable rescue cat who looks like Baby Yoda breaks the internet as veterinary assistant Jana Aviles posted it on Facebook. Netizens seek to adopt.

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A rescue cat who has a striking resemblance with The Mandalorian series character Baby Yoda has won the internet. Baby Yoda has lately become the sensation as people draw tattoos, sell miniatures, create memes on the character. The cat was spotted by veterinary assistant Jana Aviles, who told the media that she couldn't resist taking a few snaps when the cat arrived at the North Carolina veterinary hospital she works at. Jana posted the photos of the cat on social media sharing her happiness over the special cat with netizens.

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Netizens wooed by Baby Yoda Cat

Jana's post has been flooded by responses. Over 4.4K people have shared the cat's photos, another 3.8K have liked them and 3.9K have commented by now. All this in less than a week! Many were stunned by the cat's similarity to The Mandalorian star, while others were begging to adopt the cat. "OMG LETS GET A YODA CAT", wrote a user. "please adopt this cat", wrote another and so on and so forth.

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Jana asks people to adopt the cat

In a follow-up, post-Jana clarified that she wasn't responsible for rehoming the cat and urged anyone interested in considering adopting a little furry pal closer to home. Luckily, her sentiments were echoed in the responses. One person replying to say it was 'so sad' that plenty of other lovely little cats would be 'overlooked' by potential owners, who were hoping to get 'something different'. The vet assistant also encouraged people to share details of their local rescue centers, as well as where they're from, to help out anyone hoping to adopt a cat. Since then Jana has been acting as a bridge between animals and prospective adoption clients. Take a look.

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