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PM Modi Interview: 'If Your Intention Is Peace And Friendship, Hand The Terrorists Over', Says PM Modi To Pakistan

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • Prime Minister Modi has told Pakistan India's sole demand from it

With mere days to go until the country undertakes the largest exercise in democracy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an exclusive interview to Republic Media Network, spoke about the current state of relations between India and Pakistan, accentuating on how India's fight is against terrorism.

In a conversation with Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, PM Modi in a stern message asked Pakistan to return those criminals who have fled India and underlined Pakistan's failure to act upon terrorists despite evidence being provided to them. 

He said, "Tell me those people who've fled India and are facing Red Corner Notices, they're criminals. We've given note verbals. Why don't they hand them over? If their intention is peace and friendship, hand those people over. We've given them all the dossiers and details of 26/11, hand those people to law enforcement agencies, send them to India. We will take action." 

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He highlighted how India's fight is against terror and not the people of Pakistan, and despite the terror attempts to pull India's progress down, it is the fastest growing economy. 

He said, "Jaish-e-Mohammed members clearly admit they've done it (Pulwama attack), despite that they don't take action. And that is why we were never fighting the people of Pakistan and we are not fighting them even now. Our fight is against terrorism. I have publically made this statement... When the Prime Minister of Pakistan won elections and came to power, I called to congratulate him." 

"Even then I told him when we fought wars, you lost. You pushed terrorism but it couldn't stop India's progress. Today, India is the fastest growing economy. We are achieving every kind of power. What did you achieve? I told him, there's time, let's sit together and fight poverty, leave terrorism. These were my words."

He reiterated the neighbour country to distance themselves from terrorism, saying, "Pakistan can do what it wants for its people. That's fine. That's their local problem. They can continue doing it. India has just one demand: leave terrorism. Leave terrorism. After this, if you don't even look at us, we will have no problem. But come out of terrorism." 

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