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The Bachelorette 2020: See The Full List Of This Season's Contestants

The Bachelorette season 16 is set to premiere on ABC on October 13, 2020. Here's a complete list and bio of all the 31 contestants from this season.

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The Bachelorette has been among the few, insanely successful American reality television shows. The show was first aired on ABC in 2003 and has been running successfully for 16 seasons now. With every season the fanbase of this reality juggernaut appears to be increasing. This season fans will see an ex-Bachelor contestant Clare Crawley, as she is on a lookout to find love. Read on to see the entire list of all The Bachelorette contestants this season.

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All The Bachelorette contestants this season 

1. AJ (28)

  • Profession: Software Salesman
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According to a report on ABC’s official website, AJ is a self-proclaimed California boy, who is also studying to get his MBA at the moment. Being a California native, he loves to enjoy the sun and head to the ocean for some surfing and beach volleyball. AJ has grown up in a Muslim household and shares a strong bond with his mom. He claims that he has learnt to respect women because of his deep relationship with his mother. As AJ considers himself to be a modern Muslim, he is very excited to share his cultural background with 39-year-old Clare.

2. Ben (29)

  • Profession: Army Ranger Veteran
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Ben is also a California native. He started his career as an Army Ranger after graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point. He had suffered a life-changing back injury during his time in the army and shifted his priorities in life. He ultimately decided to not return to active duty. 

Upon his return to civilian life, Ben decided to pursue his passion for health and nutrition. He currently works as a personal trainer. However, he is seeking love and a partner to share his life with.

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3. Bennett (36)

  • Profession: Wealth Management consultant
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A New York resident, Bennett says he is the total package. He is handsome, has a great job and is mature. He also claims that he is ready to find his wife. If fans have been wondering why has Bennett been single so far, in spite of checking all the boxes, this is because he claims that he hasn't always been "this successful and good looking." 

Bennett graduated from Harvard, where he says he finally grew into himself. He is currently working as a financial planner in New York City. The 36-year-old enjoys morning yoga classes, walking the High Line in his Belgian loafers and indulging in delicious meals in the Big Apple’s best restaurants. He stated that since his high school girlfriend, he never had to work hard to get a girlfriend, as women were always drawn to him. However, Bennett is looking for more of a challenge.

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4. Blake Monar (31)

  • Profession: Male Grooming Specialist
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As a preteen and teen baseball was Blake Monar's life. However, his boyhood dream of playing in the major leagues was shattered after a debilitating neuromuscular injury. His next move was a bit of a daredevil one, he packed up his entire life and moved to Phoenix where he now owns and operates a cosmetic company. Blake's next big move? He is looking to find his future wife.

5. Blake Moynes (29)

  • Profession: Wildlife Manager
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29-year-old Blake Moynes puts in the hard work to get what he wants. At university, he studied every kind of wildlife management program he could get his hands on and is currently working and spending his days happily working outdoors. In the past, Blake spent all of his Saturday nights hanging with his best friends, but they are all married now and he is the only single one left. Clearly, Blake Moynes is feeling the pressure to settle down and wife up.

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6. Brandon (28)

  • Profession: Real Estate Agent 
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ABC described Brandon as an Italian stallion in the prime of his life. The 28-year-old has been living in NYC and working as a real estate agent and model. However, he wants to head back home to  Cleveland suburbs, a locality he grew up in and wishes to start a family. Broaden is a nice Midwestern boy with the abs of an A-list movie star.

7. Brendan (30)

  • Profession: Commercial Roofer
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A sensitive soul Brendan is ready to share his life with a special woman. After losing his father at a young age, he knew that his purpose in life was to be a father. After living in Los Angeles, Brendan decided to move back home to Massachusetts to work for the family roofing business. He is close to his family, especially his nieces and nephews, whom he can't get enough of. He describes himself as a true romantic.

8. Chasen (31)

  • Profession: IT Account Executive
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Chasen used to be a competitive swimmer in his teens and now he is an ultimate romantic. He has witnessed a long and happy marriage between his parents, who have been together for 35 years now, hence he hopes to settle down too. After ending a two-year toxic relationship with his co-worker, Chasen finally wishes to find himself a bride.

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9. Chris (27)

  • Profession: Landscape Design Salesman
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Chris works in landscaping. With a settled career, he is looking to settle down in life as well. After his last serious relationship ended in heartbreak, he is not on a lookout for true love. Chris hopes to find a woman who is sharp and witty but also easygoing. Also, Chris' goal in life is to travel to 200 countries, and he currently has 180 to go before meeting his target, hence, a travel-loving female is his kind of women.

10. Dale (31)

  • Profession: Former Pro Football Wide Receiver
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Dale describes himself as a small-town boy with big dreams of making an impact on the world. The 31-year-old lost his mother at a young age and claims that he learnt to follow his passion from her. Hence he followed his heart and reached the NFL. However, he soon decided to step away to move to New York and pursue a career in consulting for sports wellness and lifestyle brands. Dale is looking for a woman who won't be turned off by his intensity and support his pursuit.

11. Demar (26)

  • Profession: Spin Cycling Instructor

At 26 years old, Demar is ready to find his wife. Meeting new people and exploring local restaurants are his favourite past times. The one non-negotiable in Demar's life is his passion for a spin. He is a very popular spin instructor in Scottsdale and believes that he can get on that bike and spin to any beat thrown his way. Demar is very close to both of his parents and hopes to find a woman who will join him and his mom on their Starbucks coffee dates.

12. Eazy (29)

  • Profession: Sports Marketing Agent

After playing in the NFL for four years, Eazy shifted gears and moved into the marketing side of sports where he now has a very successful career working as an agent. Even though his place of work has shifted, Eazy still dreams of world domination and shows no signs of slowing down. He is also ready to find his queen.

13. Ed (36)

  • Profession: Health Care Salesman

After dating around and being single for some time now Ed is finally in a place mentally and professionally to find his soulmate. He has a weakness for women who can joke around and be playful, and would love to find someone to enjoy one of his many hobbies with, like kayaking or paddleboarding. Ed is extremely serious about getting hitched and is hoping to return home with Clare by his side, never to be single again.

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14. Garin (34)

  • Profession: Professor of Journalism 

Garin is a Florida boy who describes himself as an extrovert by nature. He is in love with his job of teaching journalism at the University of Southern California. His most recent relationship taught him a lot about love and life. Always the optimist though, Garin realizes that he needed to go suffer that heartbreak to learn what type of love he wants. Not only does he want love but also a wife.

15. Ivan (28)

  • Profession: Aeronautical Engineer

Ivan is no average Joe. He has a loving family and seriously cool job building jets for the U.S. military. Ivan was born in Chicago but grew up in Plano, Texas. He is very close with his mom and says he talks to her every day. In Clare, Ivan is hoping to find someone who is not only beautiful but also nurturing.

16. Jason (31)

  • Profession: Former Pro Football Lineman

Jason is a former NFL offensive lineman who, after suffering too many concussions on the field, decided to change the direction of his life and focus on his health. Since leaving the NFL in 2016,  he started a career IT staffing and solutions. On the weekends, Jason loves to spend his days visiting historical monuments around Arlington or kayaking on the Potomac River. Jason is seeking a woman who can keep up with his big personality.

17. Jay (29)

  • Profession: Fitness Director

Jay owns and operates his own personal training centre and wants a woman he can be 100% himself with. Jay says when he falls in love, he loves unconditionally and works every day to make sure his partner feels his love. Also, nothing annoys Jay more than being on a date with a woman who scrolling through Instagram all the time.

18. Jeremy (40)

  • Profession: Banker

At 40 years old, Jeremy is the oldest contestant ever to come on The Bachelorette. He is feeling the pressure to finally settle down. Jeremy has been in two serious relationships. Both times he wanted to marry the girl, but go this heartbroken. Never one to give up, Jeremy believes that this third time will be the charm!

19. Joe (36)

  • Profession: Anesthesiologist

Dr Joe has spent most of the 2020 fighting coronavirus on the front lines in New York City. After seeing more tragedy this year than throughout his entire life, Joe is ready to settle down and find someone to build a family with. His ideal woman is physically fit and passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Due to his busy work schedule, Joe had been meeting women on dating apps but did not have much luck.

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20. Jordan C. (26)

  • Profession: Software Account Executive

When Jordan C. was only 8 years old, his father suddenly passed away, leaving Jordan to take responsibility as the man of the house. It was a responsibility he took very seriously and built a great life for himself working in the software business. Only now he wants to build a life with someone by his side.

21. Jordan M. (30)

  • Profession: Cyber Security Engineer

Jordan M. moved to Santa Monica for a change of scenery and to pursue a career in cybersecurity and is now pursuing a meaningful relationship. He spends most of his free time hiking, going to the beach and staying active. He also loves writing poetry and competing in hacking competitions. Jordan M. wants to stay single until he hasn't met a woman with enough depth.

22. Kenny (39)

  • Profession: Boy Band Manager

Kenny is a talent buyer in Chicago and manages boy band cover bands. He also admits that in the past, he's put his career before his relationships. But now he is looking to settle down. He wants a woman who is not controlling, fake or wrongly opinionated.

23. Mike (38)

  • Profession: Digital Media Adviser

ABC says that Mike is a total Canadian stereotype in that he is quite possibly the nicest person ever. He loves spending time with friends and says being close with his family is a top priority. His hobbies include travelling the world, downhill skiing and going to see his favourite hockey team, the Calgary Flames. Now, he is looking to find the right girl to ultimately marry and have children with.

24. Page (37)

  • Profession: Chef

Page is a well-known and well-respected chef in the Austin area. The Chef has been in a few serious relationships and understood the importance of a work-life balance through them. Page wants a strong, independent woman who will be a great stepmom and will love his little boy like her own. Page is open to having more children, and he is excited about that possibility with Clare.

25. Riley (30)

  • Profession: Attorney

After attending a small college in Ohio, Riley moved to New York City to attend Syracuse School of Law and pursue his dreams of being a big-city lawyer. After graduating, he has been working as an attorney practising medical malpractice. He is finally ready to shift his priorities and believes that this is truly the perfect time for him to meet his soul mate and start the next chapter of his life.

26. Robby (31)

  • Profession: Insurance Broker

Robby grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida, and played D-1 baseball at Florida State University. He now splits his time between Tampa and Los Angeles and focuses on taking the family business to the next level. As he continues to grow professionally, he wants to make sure he is able to share his successes with someone.

27. Tyler C. (27)

  • Profession: Lawyer

Tyler C. is a southern gentleman who grew up in a small town. After becoming the second person in his family to attend college, Tyler C. also became a lawyer who says he is a businessman by day and cowboy by night. Now, he needs a cowgirl to ride off into the sunset with.

28. Tyler S. (36)

  • Profession: Music Manager

Tyler S has been on the road and managing the career of his brother, country singer Granger Smith for years now. He says it's been years since his last relationship, but knows that's his own fault. He just loves his job. He has remained single because it's hard to date while touring and he is not attracted to fangirls or groupies.

29. Yosef (30)

  • Profession: Medical Device Salesman

Yosef was a married man at 24 and had his daughter, Zara, soon after. However, it did not work out and is co-parenting Zara together with his ex-spouse. When Yosef isn't spending time with the 4-year-old, he is cooking, hanging with his friends.

30. Zac C. (36)

  • Profession: Addiction Specialist

Zac C. is all about taking advantage of every single day because tomorrow is never guaranteed. After putting his party days behind him and becoming sober himself, Zac started a recovery program to help reintegrate addicted people back into the world. Zac likes a woman with good style.

31. Zach J. (37)

  • Profession: Cleaning Service Owner

Zach is a fun, outgoing and charismatic gentleman and he has had a major crush on Clare ever since seeing her tell off Juan Pablo during the finale of his season. Zac believes that Clare is the perfect woman for him. Zach J. is a successful business owner who prefers to stay away from clubs and bars. Zac believes that when he gets married, it will be forever.

Contestant Images: ABC (The Bachelorette Official Website)

Image Source: The Bachelorette (Official Instagram)



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