Becky Lynch Calls For Equality After WWE Removes 'women' From NXT Women's Title

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WWE has dropped the term ‘women’ from Ripley’s NXT Women's Championship. Now the title will be referred to as NXT Championship. Check Becky Lynch's reaction.

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Becky Lynch

WWE has dropped the term ‘women’ from Rhea Ripley’s NXT Women's Championship. Now, the title will be referred to as the NXT Championship. The current RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch has hailed the decision.

Becky Lynch posted a note on Twitter where she clarified that her comment on WWE Backstage regarding WWE’s decision to remove the word 'women' from the NXT Championship was about how the company needed to rethink, rather than rename a division. In her post, Becky Lynch said that she was not advocating changing title names. Instead, Becky Lynch claimed to be supporting an equal volume of opportunity based on the ability of the wrestlers rather than their gender.

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Becky Lynch said that the term 'women' usually limited openings. 

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Fans react to the change in title name

There have been mixed reactions to WWE’s decision to rebrand the NXT title. Some fans believe that WWE should continue with the gender identifiers before the titles. However, they should make more concerted efforts to create a more gender-neutral work environment with equal opportunities to both sexes. Many claimed that WWE should turn to a meritocracy-based system when it came to awarding matches to wrestlers.

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Fans also pointed out the lack of logic behind having two titles of the same name on a single brand. One of the tweets from a fan said that unless the black and gold brand decided to unify the NXT titles, it made no sense to drop the term ‘women’ from the NXT women’s championship.

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