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Afghanistan: Taliban Conducts Door-to-door Searches, Makes Inquiries Of Kabul Residents

Amidst the growing military distress in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover, armed men can be seen conducting searches in the country


Amidst the growing concerns of civilian security in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover, shocking visuals of armed men carrying out a door-to-door examination have emerged. Several similar visuals of the terror group scattered around the city have set off a worldwide concern for distressed Afghans. The militant group continues to evoke terror among the citizens of Afghanistan while many attempt to flee the war-ravaged country.

Taliban conducts door-to-door searches

Following the capture of the landlocked country by the interim Taliban government, numerous men conducted a door-to-door search of houses in Afghanistan. In the video, men wielding rifles and guns can be seen scattered across the streets while citizens including young boys followed around. The visuals also show a military tank stationed outside the houses while the Taliban men talk to the residents. 

More on the current situation in Afghanistan

After the slow and strategic overrule of the Ghani government, the Taliban breached the borders of the capital city Kabul. Chaos and disorder amongst the civilian ensued as the terror group run free in a war-ridden country reinforcing their terror. Troubled visuals of anguished Afghans crowding at the Kabul airport showed several risking their lives to flee from the landlocked country. 
Several cases of death have been reported from the Kabul Airport. 

In another shocking visual that emerged from the war-torn country showed the militant group painting the city and images of women on salon shops black. They can also be seen tearing down posters. Bringing back their misogynistic decades-old rule, the Taliban has barred women from leaving their houses without being accompanied by a male relative. Women leaving their houses and entering schools are subject to punishment while many schools have been destroyed. 

In recent developments in the Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, the US has resumed flight operations at the Kabul airport after the troops cleared the crowd gathered on the runway. Members of the Indian embassy have successfully landed at the Hindon Air Base in Ghaziabad after being carried out by the Indian Air Force C17 Globemaster. 


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