Har Ek Boond | The Water Guards Revolutionizing Water Management

Har Ek Boond

We have with us activists from across the country who are being called water guards. Let's hear them talk about simple measures one can take to reserve water

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With Har Ek Boond, we are collaborating with experts who have devoted their lives for water conservation and management. Eureka Forbes has been working to create a safe and clean environment for the people of India with the vision of rejuvenating the natural resources for our future generations. The water guards have been working for years to spread awareness about the need for water reservation in numerous parts of India.

Jyoti Sharma is the founder and chairperson of the FORCE group of Non-Profit organizations that is dedicated to the issue of water security. She believes in creating productive partnership to solve India’s water crisis. FORCE group works on the 5R model of water conservation. The 5Rs being Respect, Recycle, Reuse, Recharge and Reduce. Jyoti suggests that there is a need for every individual to watch her/his water footprints which helps in realizing if the individual is wasting water or not.

“The first R of the 5Rs of my water mantra is to Respect water. Our culture teaches us that when we realize the importance of an element and learn to respect it, we ultimately learn to preserve it.” - Jyoti Sharma, founder and chairperson, FORCE group of Non – Profit organizations.

Ayappa Masagi, also known as the ‘Water Magician of India’ is the founder and director of the Water Literacy Foundation (WLF). He has dedicated most of his life to water conservation and has been working in 9000 locations across 13 states. The WLF has been offering cost effective and eco-friendly water conservation techniques for rural, agricultural, urban and industrial needs. It also conducts rallies, workshops and visits to demo projects to create awareness about water conservation.

“I want to build a water-based theme park, where I will invite people from all parts of rural, urban and industrial areas. I want to train more water warriors, educated farmers and water soldiers. I will take them and show them the essence and importance of water. I will also provide them with training.” - Ayappa Masagi, founder and director, Water Literacy Foundation (WLF)

AR Shivakumar, Bengaluru’s Rain Man has been working as a senior scientist and water management expert all his life. He believes that rainwater harvesting is a taken for granted and neglected infrastructure that can be quite helpful in water management. He has been working with various technologies that deal with renewable energy. Shivakumar thinks that the humans are living in luxury and need to be more conscious about water as the quantity or supply of water is fixed yet the demand keeps growing with the overflow of population.

“There is water crisis and flooding problem in our country. I don’t believe that. There is a plenty of water in our country. I and my family have sustained for 24 years on rainwater. Why not every man practice recharging, harvesting, reusing and respecting water? - AR Shivakumar, Senior Scientist and Water Management advisor.

Mechanical engineer turned environmentalist, Ramveer Tanwar was moved by the dilapidated condition of ponds in the state. He has helped in reviving 10 ponds that had turned into dumping grounds. He has been working to create awareness about the importance of water in villages by organizing Jal Chaupal, a platform provided to villagers for talking about the issues they are facing. He also took to social media to provoke the people all over the country to realize that the ponds or other water bodies can be rejuvenated if treated properly.

“Rainwater can be saved only when we have utensils and ponds act as the natural bowls of earth which hold the rainwater that we use. But today, these are being turned into dumping grounds. People need to realize the importance of these water bodies as they are only ones that help in natural water conservation.” - Ramveer Tanwar, environmentalist.


“We are all coming together for the cause of saving water. There should be no water scarcity in India or any other parts of the world. That is our aim and we should try to contribute as much as we can.” - a special message from Shankar Mahadevan, singer.

Aquaguard Har EK Boond, an initiative by Republic is to collaborate with people who have been dedicating their lives to the cause of water conservation and management. It brings together the stakeholders of water conservation together and urges every citizen of the country to contribute in saving water and saving the natural resources for our future generation.

Here’s how you can contribute to make every drop of water count - Take the pledge by logging onto www.republicworld.com or give a missed call on 1800 120 887788.

Watch to know more about the dedicated soldiers who have been devoting hours to conserve one of the most important elements on earth – water.

By 2030, 40% Indian will not have access to drinking water