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PM Modi At Republic Summit: Here Are The PM's Top Quotes From India's Biggest News Event

PM Modi, at the third edition of Republic Summit 2023 on April 26, reflected on the country's past and present and shared his insights for a brighter future.

Republic Summit 2023
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Harsh Vardhan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks at Republic Summit 2023

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the Republic Summit 2023 on April 26 as the Chief Guest in New Delhi and spoke on a variety of subjects surrounding the event's theme 'Time of Transformation'.

From helping over 100 nations by supplying the COVID-19 vaccines to transforming the once corruption-infested MNREGA scheme, the PM reflected on India's past and shared his insights for a brighter future. Here are the top quotes from the Prime Minister's speech at India's biggest news event.

PM Modi's top quotes from Republic Summit

  • "When I came here for Republic Summit in 2019, the theme then was 'India's Moment'. After establishing a stable government for the second consecutive time, people were convinced that it is indeed India's moment."
  • "Some people mocked the idea and feasibility of digital payments but now even tea-store and litti chokha stalls all accept digital payments."
  • "Some questioned the need for a Made-in-India vaccine but in the moment of trouble, we chose the path of Aatmanirbharta."
  • "In the last 9 years, we have made a quantum jump from number 10 to number 5 economy, and all this in the midst of the biggest crisis in 100 years."
  • "At a time when the world's biggest economies were stuck, India came out of the crisis and is moving forward at a fast pace."
  • "The schemes for the poor have brought a revolution in the country. People who were made to feel that they were a burden on the country are now giving pace to the development."
  • "Few people are angry with me because the routes to their dirty cash and black money have been blocked and intercepted by Modi."
  • "No longer there is an isolated approach to anti-corruption. It is an integrated institutional approach."
  • The Congress government was giving money to fake people, the number is larger than the population of Delhi and Punjab."
  • "Work by each and every Indian can transform India into a developed nation."
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