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Protests Erupt Outside Pak Embassy In Kabul Against Abduction Of Afghan Envoy's Daughter

The tension between Pakistan and Afghanistan have escalated after Afghan's envoy to Pakistan Najib Alikhail's daughter, Silsila Alikhai was allegedly kidnapped

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After a disturbing development of Afghanistan's envoy to Pakistan Najib Alikhail's daughter, Silsila Alikhai's abduction and torture in Islamabad came forward, protests erupted in Kabul resulting in escalated tensions between Afghanistan and Pakistan. On Sunday, demonstrators raised their voice against the alleged crime against a woman by staging a protest outside the Pakistan embassy in Kabul. The envoy is also expected to take the matter to the UN. 

The horrifying development comes as both Pakistan and Afghanistan are in the midst of turmoil where the latter has blamed the former for aiding the Taliban. In the latest update, Afghanistan's former Prime Minister Hamid Karzai strongly condemned the horrific act and called upon the Pakistan government to bring perpetrators to justice.

Afghan's Foreign Ministry has also demanded immediate action into the matter. 

"The Afghan foreign ministry has asked Pakistan PM Imran Khan to take immediate action to identify and punish the perpetrators and ensure full security and immunity of Afghan diplomats and their families in accordance with international conventions," read the statement issued by Afghanistan.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan orders investigation

Meanwhile, Ambassador of Pakistan to Afghanistan Mansoor Ahmad Khan on July 17, in a series of tweets stated that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered a 'thorough' probe into the matter and has directed the Islamabad Police to apprehend the people involved in the kidnapping within 48 hours. 

Daughter Of Afghanistan's Envoy To Pakistan Abducted

On July 16, Afghanistan's envoy to Pakistan Najib Alikhail's 26-year-old daughter Silsila Alikhail was kidnapped and released after 6 hours from the capital city of Islamabad. The official statement released by Afghanistan stated that the envoy's daughter, Silsila Alikhail, was allegedly severely tortured by kidnappers before she was released. The perpetrators remain unknown to local police and officials.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in their press release, stated that Silsila Alikhail was currently in the hospital recuperating from physical assault and multiple injuries that were inflicted upon her. Purportedly, the complaint letter enumerated the Afghanistan Ambassador's daughter suffered injuries and grave physical hurt. The incident has escalated fear among Afghan families residing in Pakistan. Pakistan Interior Minister Sheik Rasid Ahmed also confirmed that he has been directed by Prime Minister Imran Khan to keep the matter on "top priority" and to utilize all resources to detain those involved in the "kidnapping" of the Afghan ambassador's daughter.


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