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VIRAL: Cane Toads Seen Piggy-back Riding A Python; Biologist Says They Were Trying To Mate With The Snake

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:

In an anomalous episode, an Australian recently witnessed a knot of Cane Toads piggy-back riding a python.  As reported by the BBC, Paul Mock, in Western Australia was home with his wife when they got to witness this atypical site on their property. 

The 3.5-metre long snake, called Monty was the resident python, attempting to escape the floods. While doing so, he was seen moving across the grass with plenty of toads hanging-on to his body. 

Paul's brother shared the picture on Twitter, unleashing responses of intrigued users to this eccentric site.

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An amphibian expert and biologist, Jodi Rowley had a fascinating response who was fascinated by this image. A senior lecturer in biological sciences at the University of New South Wales, Rowley elucidated that the toads in the image were all male and were attempting to mate with the python, citing that the toad species are 'a little too keen'  

And further provided the internet with some more interesting facts about Cane Toads sharing an incident of their bizarre sexual behaviour.

Unsurprisingly, Twitteratis never fail to amuse with their responses-

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