Donald Trump Lifts Sanctions Against Turkey And Orders Ceasefire

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US President Donald Trump, on Wednesday, lifted sanctions from their NATO ally - Turkey after they agreed to permanently stop fighting Kurdish forces in Syria.

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US President Donald Trump, on Wednesday, October 23, lifted sanctions from their NATO ally - Turkey after they agreed to permanently stop fighting Kurdish forces in Syria. President Trump also defended his decision to withdraw American troops and said the US should not be the world's policeman. He also warned Turkey in case of not following the promise of permanent ceasefire, he said that he would not hesitate to reimpose sanctions on Turkey. President Donald Trump had halted negotiations on a $100 billion trade deal with Turkey, raised steel tariffs back up to 50% and imposed sanctions on three senior Turkish officials and Turkey's defence and energy ministries earlier this month. 

‘We’re getting out’ 

Reiterating that thousands of Kurdish lives were saved because of his actions, Donald Trump in the White House said that "We're getting out. Let someone else fight over this long, blood-stained sand. The job of our military is not to police the world. Other nations must step up and do their fair share. Today's breakthrough is a critical step in that direction”. President Trump had ordered the pullout of the American troops from Turkey earlier as well. This came after Turkey's president, Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, told Trump in a phone call that Turkish forces were set to invade northeastern Syria. The goal behind Turkey making this statement was to push back the U.S.-allied Kurdish fighters. The Kurds have been viewed as an ever-present threat by the Turks along its southern border with Syria. 

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Critic’s reaction to Trump’s move 

The critics of Donald Trump in America said that this move signals towards the US’s future allies into thinking that the US is not a reliable partner. More than 176,000 people have been displaced by the Turkish offensive and about 500 IS fighters gained freedom during the conflict. Donald Trump said that "There were a few that got out, a small number relatively speaking. They've been largely recaptured. Trump during the press briefing said he would "bring our soldiers home" from Syria, but then recalibrated and his administration plans to shift more than 700 to western Iraq. 

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