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"Empty-headed Imran Khan Is Saying Things Because He Has To Say Something," Says Tarek Fatah On Pakistan PM's Lecture To India On Minorities

Written By Apoorva Rao | Mumbai | Published:


  • Renowned Pakistani columnist Tarek Fatah has slammed Pakistan PM Imran Khan for refusing to stand down on trying to teach India on treating minorities
  • Calling Imran Khan, he has said the Pakistan PM is only saying things because he has to say something

Renowned Pakistani columnist Tarek Fatah has slammed Pakistan PM Imran Khan for refusing to stand down on trying to teach India on treating minorities. Speaking to Republic TV, Fatah has said that the Pakistan PM is making the comments only because he has nothing else to say.

“It is hypocritical of Imran Khan that on Christmas eve when a Christian woman who has spent ten years on death row and despite the SC releasing her is in police custody, and he is lecturing India about minorities.  I think the man does not have much mental capacity, that is why he is called in the dim.

"No country is perfect, but India is possibly the only place Muslims can live with democracy or Constitutional rights. Nobody should be lecturing India how to treat minorities.

"The problem is he is not the first to ride on the tank of the army. He won’t be the last to do so. The entire country is fundamental. Ethos is anti-Indianness.

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"Even Muhammad Ali Jinnah who’s birthday is today messed up on Bharat because he was paid by the British to do do. So people who did not even want Pakistan are suffering over there. Hence you had the Pastun movement, the genocide in Balochistan, even the Sindhi language was banned. Pakistan is an artificial entity, we don’t know how whether it will last 10-15 years... As long as it is there it will cause pain and agony and disrupt India’s development as it is the basis of its creation.

"It killed three millions of its own citizens in Bangladesh. These people have no moral authority. It’s a corrupt nation. The military is not a fighting force but land occupying... it is a place where you can loot the resources of the country. Now it has Chinese authority. India has snubbed these idiots and told them to go their own way.

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"I would have thought that Imran Khan is doing this deliberately. Imran Khan is pretty dumb. He is called Taliban khan. He is being given too much credit. He is really not there. He is saying things because he has to say something after all. He is the most empty-headed politician ever born anywhere in the world."

After Naseeruddin Shah expressed worry about the safety of his children and brought up the Bulandshahr violence saying that the country is seeing more significance being given to the death of cows than that of a policeman, Imran Khan took it upon himself to 'show India how to treat minorities'.

Despite Shah asking the Pakistan PM to 'stay out of' India's matters, and cricketer Mohammad Kaif showing Khan how Pakistan fared on the treatment of minorities, the cricketer turned politician has not stopped lecturing India on the subject.

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