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Russia-Ukraine War: EU Approves 9 Billion Euros In Additional Aid To Ukraine

The Russia-Ukraine war has now lasted for 121 days with no imminent peace deal in sight. Dramatic footage of the Russian drone strike left the internet baffled. Residents in Enerhodar are allegedly being abducted by invaders. British intel, in the meantime, suggested that the Russian momentum will slow down gradually due to exhausted resources.



21:02 IST, June 24th 2022
EU approves 9 billion euros in additional aid to Ukraine: Polish PM

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stated that European Union (EU) has approved a new package of 9 billion euros in aid to Ukraine. "Ukraine is a state at war, it has no funds to pay for many public services," he said, as per Kyiv Independent. 

20:29 IST, June 24th 2022
IAEA concerned for safety of staff at Ukrainian nuclear plant

Amid the ongoing ravaging war in Eastern Europe, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has expressed its concerns about the well-being of the Ukrainian employees at the Russian-controlled Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP)-- one of the world's largest nuclear power plants located in southeastern Ukraine. The UN nuclear watchdog has repeatedly stated that sending a mission to Zaporizhzhia is necessary because the situation there puts the safety of the workers at risk. "The agency is increasingly concerned about the difficult conditions in which the personnel of the Zaporizhzhia NPP work in Ukraine," the IAEA wrote in a Twitter post. 


19:29 IST, June 24th 2022
US says new batch of HIMARS to be delivered to Ukraine by mid-July

A senior US defence official claimed that the newly announced batch of four High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) will be delivered to Ukraine by mid-July. The official also stated that the first batch of four HIMARS has already been delivered to the war-torn country. 

19:18 IST, June 24th 2022
Russia's Foreign Mini Lavrov says Moscow has no illusions regarding EU's Russophobic policies

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that Moscow has no illusions that the European Union would soon change its stance towards Russia and abandon its Russophobic policies. His remarks came after he met his Azerbaijani counterpart Jeyhun Bayramov in Baku and held a discussion on Friday. "We have no illusion that the EU’s current Russophobic mindset will somehow dissipate or change in the foreseeable future, and to be honest, in the long term, too. But this is the path that the Europeans have chosen," Lavrov states, the TASS news agency reported. 

18:28 IST, June 24th 2022
Russia & Belarus Defence ministers discuss ways to strengthen their military capabilities

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu met his Belarusian counterpart Viktor Khrenin and underscored the need to strengthen their military capabilities in the wake of an "undeclared war" by the West. After the meeting in Moscow, Shoigu also termed Belarus as Russia's "most important strategic partner, closest friend and ally." He further claimed that bilateral collaboration between two Union State members is developing despite the undeclared war by the West. 

"Circumstances dictate the necessity of urgent measures to fortify the defence capabilities of the Union State, including the reinforcement of an integrated air defence system," Shoigu stated, adding that Russia is ready to provide any support Belarus might need, RT News reported. 

17:35 IST, June 24th 2022
Lavrov claims EU & NATO forming 'coalition' to essentially fight war with Russia

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov claimed that the European Union (EU) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are mulling forming a "coalition" to essentially prepare for a war with Russia. Speaking about the accession of Ukraine and Moldova to the EU, Lavrov stated that it is not a military-political bloc, therefore, unlike NATO, the expansion of its relations with other nations does not pose any threats to Russia. "The European Union, together with NATO, is gathering a sort of modern coalition to fight, essentially, a war with the Russian Federation,” Lavrov said, adding Russia will "monitor this very closely," CNN reported. 

17:15 IST, June 24th 2022
Poland gets loan of $474 million to look after Ukraine refugees

Poland is getting a loan of 450 million euros ($474 million) from a European human rights group to help it cope with the influx of refugees fleeing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Poland and the Council of Europe Development Bank signed the loan agreement Friday.

Some 4.3 million refugees crossed into Poland after Russia invaded Ukraine in February. Poland is providing them with free shelter, social and medical care, education and job opportunities. Many have moved on to other countries and some have decided to go back home, but an estimated half of the number remains in Poland.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki singled out the European Union earlier this month, saying it’s decision-making procedures are “sometimes too slow.” The Council of Europe includes 46 countries, including EU members, and aims to protect human rights, democracy and the rule of law.


17:05 IST, June 24th 2022
Ukraine & Moldova planning to restart railway services this autumn

As the Moscow-Kyiv war has reached its 121st day, Moldova and war-torn Ukraine are planning to restart the railway services which include the freight train operations, in autumn of this year. According to a Ukrinform report, this statement has been made by the Moldovan Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development.  

“The freight railway route in the Berezino (Ukraine)-Basarabeasca (Moldova) railway section will be opened this autumn in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding between the Moldovan Infrastructure and Regional Development Ministry and the Ukrainian Infrastructure Ministry,” citing the statement, Ukrinform reported.  

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16:18 IST, June 24th 2022
NATO, G7 should not pressure Ukraine into concessions to Russia: Boris Johnson

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson asserted that North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Group of Seven (G7) ministers should not pressure Ukraine into concessions to Russia. "I think that would be a disaster. It would be a trigger for further escalation by Russian President Vladimir Putin whenever he wanted," he claimed. 

15:39 IST, June 24th 2022
Zelenskyy extends his gratitude to US President Biden for latest military aid

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that his nation is “grateful” to US President Biden for the latest package of $450 million in military assistance. According to the Biden administration, the United States will provide the war-torn nation with four more multiple launch rocket systems and artillery ammunition for other systems. 
We're grateful to USPresident @POTUS  and the American people for the decision to provide another $450 million defense aid package to Ukraine. This support, including additional HIMARS, is now more important than ever. By joint efforts, we will free Ukrainian land from the Russian aggressor!" Zelenskyy wrote in a Twitter post. 


15:24 IST, June 24th 2022
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov claims collective West is afraid of honest competition

Amid the ongoing ravaging war with Ukraine which continues unabated, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov claimed that the collective West is afraid of honest competition and, as a result, behaves deceitfully by cancelling the culture of any nation with a strong national identity. "The West is scared of honest competition, this is widely known. This is why they ‘cancel’ the culture of any country speaking from its own nationally oriented positions, prohibit TV channels from broadcasting, ban unwanted politicians on social networks and remove everything from the public space that disagrees with the neo-liberal concept of the world order," he told the national broadcaster of Belarus, the TASS news agency reported. 

14:45 IST, June 24th 2022
Ukrainian President Zelenskyy hits out at Israel over refusal to impose sanctions on Russia

During an address to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on June 23, embattled Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stepped up his criticism of Israel's failure to sanction Russia. Four months into Russia's assault on Ukraine, Zelenskyy's address comes amid a new political crisis in Israel, with Foreign Minister Yair Lapid set to replace Naftali Bennett as prime minister of the country within days.

Bennett has refrained from criticising Russia's incursion and has emphasised Israel's close relations with Moscow and Kyiv, despite the fact that his administration has not sanctioned Russian President Vladimir Putin's government. Notably, Lapid condemned Russia's actions as a "violation of the world order" a few days after the onset of the invasion on February 24.

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14:18 IST, June 24th 2022
Russian forces killed 338 children since onset of war, claims Ukraine

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine alleged that the Russian occupiers have killed as many as 338 children in Ukraine and wounded more than 610 since the onset of the war. "More than 948 children were injured in Ukraine during 4 months of full-scale armed aggression of the Russian Federation in our country. According to official information from juvenile prosecutors, 338 children died and more than 610 were injured. The most affected children in Donetsk region – 335, Kharkiv – 177, Kyiv – 116, Chernihiv – 68, Luhansk – 55, Kherson – 52, Mykolaiv – 48, Zaporizhia – 31, Sumy – 17," it wrote on its Telegram Channel. 

13:53 IST, June 24th 2022
3 killed and 2 injured in Russian shelling in Donetsk on June 24

At least 3 killed, 2 injured in Donetsk Oblast due to Russian shelling on the morning of June 24, stated the Governor, according to Kyiv Independent.

13:51 IST, June 24th 2022
Russia employs retired pilots to operate warplanes amid heavy casualties: UK Defense Intelligence

The British Defense Intelligence claimed that Russians are compelled to employ retired pilots to fly warplanes due to the high death toll in the air force amid the ongoing war. "The use of retired personnel, now working as Wagner contractors, to conduct close air support missions indicates that the Russian air force likely is struggling to support the invasion of Ukraine with sufficient aircrew. This is likely due to a combination of Russia’s insufficient numbers of suitably trained personnel and its combat losses," the UK Defence Ministry tweeted. 


13:35 IST, June 24th 2022
EU claims Russia solely responsible for global food security crisis

During the European Union (EU) summit in Brussels, leaders of the bloc alleged that Russia is solely responsible for the global food security crisis. The EU leaders also blamed Russia for attempting to "weaponize food" in its war against Ukraine. During the meeting, the European Council also called on Russia to unblock the Black Sea in order to allow the export of grain and commercial shipping operations. In addition, the Council also stated that Russia must immediately stop targeting agricultural facilities. 

13:16 IST, June 24th 2022
US Senate committee moves to term Russia a State Sponsor of Terrorism

United States Senate committee has adopted a resolution recognizing Russia as State Sponsor of Terrorism. If approved by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Russia would become the fifth country on the US State Department list, which already includes Cuba, North Korea, Iran, and Syria.

12:54 IST, June 24th 2022
US claims Russian navy instructed to lay mines at Ukraine's Black Sea Ports

A recently declassified US intelligence report revealed that the Russian Navy has been instructed to mine the ports of Odesa and Ochakiv as part of a blockade of Ukrainian grain shipments. It also stated that the Russian Navy has already mined the Dnieper River -- the longest river in Ukraine and Belarus. According to satellite photographs released by US officials, the second-largest grain facility in Ukraine, located close to Mykolaiv, was damaged by Russian missile attacks earlier in June.

In addition, storage tanks for sunflower oil were also attacked in Mykolaiv on June 22. This came at a time when the suspension of food exports is posing a threat of global famine. Meanwhile, Russia has refuted accusations that it planted mines around Black Sea ports and has shifted the blame to Kyiv, asserting that Ukraine has mined its own ports. According to US intelligence, Russia has been laying a coordinated plan to cut off the stretch of the coastline that is still under Ukrainian control. 

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12:39 IST, June 24th 2022
US says India invited to G7 'not to splinter them off Russia'

In a key development, US National Security Council coordinator John Kirby said on Friday that India has been invited to G7 because the agenda is “deep and diverse" and it is not about trying to splinter them off from Russia.

“It is not about trying to splinter them off or coax them away from any other association or partnership that they might have with another country. That’s not the goal here. The goal is to unify around a set of common principles and initiatives,” Kirby said, adding, “G7 wants to advance in terms of climate change, energy, and food security.”

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12:17 IST, June 24th 2022
Ukrainian defenders of Siverodonetsk to retreat, says regional chief

Serhiy Haidai, chief of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration said on Facebook that Ukrainian defenders of Siverodonetsk will move out of the city to take up more fortified positions. He said, "The Armed Forces will have to move away from Siverodonetsk. Our defenders have already received such an order. The rucists have almost destroyed Siverodonetsk, all critical infrastructure was wiped out, 90% of the city was damaged, 80% of residential buildings will have to be demolished as they can’t be restored. Russian troops are advancing in the direction of Lysychansk from Toshkivka-Zolote. Enemy reconnaissance and subversive groups have already entered the suburbs, while attacks to penetrate farther into the city have been repulsed".

11:58 IST, June 24th 2022
Ukraine claims Russia lost around 34,530 soldiers, more than 1,500 tanks so far

Ukraine's armed forces on Friday posted the latest casualties of the Russian army including other inflicted losses. 


11:42 IST, June 24th 2022
Ukrainian air forces strike Russian ammunition depot, armoured fighting vehicles

Ukraine's Air Force Command said on Telegram that “On June 23, 2022, Su-25 attack aircraft and Su-24m bombers launched powerful air strikes on [Russian] occupation troops and logistics centres", according to Ukrinform.

11:15 IST, June 24th 2022
Ukraine army repulses Russian attack near Borivske, claims Kyiv

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook said in its latest update that the Ukrainian military successfully stifled Russia’s offensive operations near Borivske. It said, "In the Siverodonetsk direction, the enemy fired from tanks, mortars, artillery and jet artillery near Lysychansk, Siverodonetsk, Bila Hora, Vovchoyarivka, Spirne and Berestove. It struck air strikes on the settlements of Lysychansk and Borivske. Fighting continues for the city of Siverodonetsk. The occupiers launched an offensive near the settlement of Myrna Dolyna, and hostilities continue. Our soldiers successfully stopped the enemy's offensive near Borivske."


10:52 IST, June 24th 2022
Belarus may provide military aid to Russia: Ukraine

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports that Belarus might provide assistance to the Russian army in the form of military equipment, which is currently being put out of service.

10:29 IST, June 24th 2022
Video: Russian military plane crashes in Ryazan


10:16 IST, June 24th 2022
Ukraine and Moldova to resume railway services this autumn

 Moldova’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development has said Ukraine and Moldova are planning to resume railway services, namely freight railway operations, as soon as this autumn, according to Ukrinform. 

“The freight railway route in the Berezyno (Ukraine)-Basarabeasca (Moldova) railway section will be opened this autumn in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding between the Moldovan Infrastructure and Regional Development Ministry and the Ukrainian Infrastructure Ministry,” the ministry stated.

09:56 IST, June 24th 2022
Russia fires at Zaporizhzhia Region with MLRS

In the wee hours of Friday, Russian troops opened fire on Zaporizhzhia Region with multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS). Reportedly, some infrastructure facilities were damaged, said Zaporizhzhia Regional State Administration on Facebook. “Last night the enemy insidiously fired at Zaporizhzhia Region with MLRS. According to the preliminary data, infrastructure facilities were hit in a settlement located close to the regional centre,” it stated.

09:39 IST, June 24th 2022
Russia makes first payment under new rules

On Thursday, Russian Finance Ministry fulfilled its Eurobonds obligations using a new mechanism enabling it to transfer payments in rubles for the first time, according to TASS. Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said on Thursday, the termination of Eurobond payouts in foreign currency and the transition to payment in rubles does not translate to international debt default, stated the report.

09:22 IST, June 24th 2022
Russian offensive likely to stall in Donbas, suggests ISW

US think tank, Institute for the Study of War has suggested that Russian offensive operations are likely to stall in Donbas in the coming weeks. It said that Russian forces have made substantial gains in the Sievierodonetsk-Lysychansk area over the last several days and Ukrainian troops continue to suffer high casualties.

09:00 IST, June 24th 2022
US embassy in Russia pressures Kremlin over 2 captured Americans

United States embassy in Russia pressured Kremlin this week to reveal the whereabouts of the two Americans captured in Ukraine while fighting against Russian forces, revealed the mother of one of the two Alabama men who are declared as “mercenaries” by the authorities in so-called Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). Alexander Drueke and Andy Tai Ngoc Huynh were captured in DPR after being captured in Kharkiv while fighting in the Ukrainian forces. Even though both Americans were a part of the Ukrainian army for several years, the DPR court handed them death penalities for putting the “endangering” lives of Russian forces. 

Drueke's mother, Lois “Bunny” Drueke said late Wednesday that her son and Huynh were not mercenaries but volunteers in the Ukrainian army as she pushed back on the claims made by Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov in an NBC News interview earlier this week.  Lois also stressed that both Americans deserve humane mandated by the treaties collectively known as Geneva Conventions after Peskov declared that Drueke and Huynh were not applicable for the same, according to The Guardian.