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Har Ek Boond: Water Heroes Inspiring The Nation To Save Every Drop Of Water

Water heroes, from across the country, share their stories about creating awareness about water management.

In this special episode of Har Ek Boond, water heroes from across the nation share inspiring stories of water preservation and management.  Currently, the human population of the world is fighting a pandemic; water has become all the more important to ensure proper hygiene.

It’s a medical mandate to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, leading to an extended crisis of water on a global scale. 40% of the world’s population actually lacks access to basic hand-washing facilities. There is an urgent need to realize that water is a finite resource and needs to be used mindfully.

Water Dada(s): Teaching students the hacks of saving water

Vedant Goel and Yusuf Soni, the founding members of are based in Pune. These two individuals have been educating and creating awareness about water preservation among school children. Their mentor Abhishek Mahipal has also been actively participating in the initiatives started by the two individuals. Owing to the factors like climate change and industrialization, the water resources are depleting at a rapid speed.

“Water wastage has definitely become a behavior, even if it is for car wash or brushing your teeth or taking a bath. The cause for this is the notion that water comes at no cost. What we have realized is that if we can inculcate behavioral changes at an early stage, it can go a long way. That’s why we thought of spreading awareness amongst school students. And we came to see that not only are the students changing their patterns, they are also influencing their parents to do the same.” – Yusuf Soni, Founding member,

A recent study shows, that the average water consumption in Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh increased by 60% per person amid COVID-19. There are similar instances of an increase in water usage all across India. Hence, there is a need to be mindful of the use of every drop of water.

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Kalpana Ramesh: Reviving lakes in Hyderabad

Kalpana Ramesh has been appreciated by the Prime Minister for her many endeavors in regard to water conservation. She has not only been actively participating in reviving the lakes of Hyderabad but also trying to make rainwater harvesting reach every household and office in the city. Kalpana, a Go-Green Water conservationist is lauded for her initiative, ‘Save the Lakes’.

 “We realized that lakes are the largest catchment for rainwater, however, the condition of the lakes is really bad. They are over-polluted. We decided to focus on one lake and create the same model for all the other lakes. We ensured that all the resources are in place. The return of migratory birds to the lake was an indication of our victory.” – Kalpana Ramesh, architect and designer; founder of ‘Save the Lakes’

Water is a life-sustaining element that needs preservation now more than ever. It is extremely important that the citizens take a positive step towards water management because very step is significant.

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By 2030, 40% Indians will not have access to drinking water