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NAWAZ SHARIF ADMITS: Pakistan Sent Terrorists To India To Conduct The 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attack

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • Nawaz Sharif has admitted Pakistan sent terrorists to India to conduct the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack
  • Sharif made his admission while speaking to Pakistani newspaper Dawn

Pakistan's former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has made the admission he and his country should have made almost ten years ago by conceding that Pakistan had sent terrorists to India in November 2008 to unleash violence and terror in India's financial capital Mumbai.

Speaking to Pakistani newspaper Dawn, Sharif, who was ousted from power by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in the Panama Papers case in 2017, said the following:

“Militant organisations are active. Call them non-state actors, should we allow them to cross the border and kill 150 people in Mumbai? Explain it to me. Why can’t we complete the trial?” — a reference to the Mumbai attacks-related trials which have stalled in a Rawalpindi anti-terrorism court.

- Verbatim from the Dawn interview

The statement is a strong indictment of Pakistan where even almost a decade after the dastardly attacks, despite overwhelming evidence, the masterminds of the attack are not only scot-free but continue to enjoy state patronage, with the likes of Hafiz Saeed being granted Pakistan's own version of Z+ security and the freedom of the land to launch his politico-terror vehicle Milli Muslim League with which he intends to continue justifying Pak terror in Kashmir.

While Ajmal Kasab, the LeT terrorist who was captured by India during the attack, has faced capital punishment and David Headley, the agent who conducted reconnaissance, is lodged in a US jail with a 35-year sentence after pleading guilty to his role in the attack, Saeed and Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi either roam free or are placed under sham 'house arrests' when it appears that there's global pressure to act.

As per official figures 166 people had died while over 600 were injured in the horrific attacks in South Mumbai.