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Good News Live Blog: Heartwarming Stories Spreading Positivity Amid COVID-19 Scare

As the world battles coronavirus outbreak, here’s the flip side of the news including everything from animal videos to kind gestures that make “world a better place”.

Good News
As the world battles coronavirus outbreak, here’s the flip side of the news including everything from animal videos to kind gestures that make “world a better place”.
20:15 IST, April 7th 2020
NASA shares hubble's most 'iconic' images

National Aeronautics Space Agency (NASA) on April 7 shared the most iconic and popular images of one of its Hubble Space Station's most popular sights, the Eagle Nebula’s Pillars of Creation. NASA shared two pictures of the same sight, one in infrared light and the other in visible light. The pictures show the Eagle Nebula’s Pillars of Creation in two different views. NASA shared the beautiful pictures on Instagram 13 hours ago, that have now garnered over 1.6 million likes.


A post shared by NASA (@nasa) on

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20:15 IST, April 7th 2020
Hummingbirds splash in birdbath

The 27-second-long video was uploaded by Susanta Nanda, an Indian Forest Services officer, on his official Twitter account. In the video, a charm of hummingbirds can be seen sitting in a birdbath together and pecking at the water. The birds splash and jump around in the water, suddenly flying away and then coming back to sit and splash in the birdbath. The playful sight of the hummingbirds jumping around each other is winning the hearts of people all around the world. Susanta Nanda also mentioned that the video of the adorable little hummingbirds belongs to Brussels. The IFS officer also expresses his belief that the territorial quality of the hummingbirds can be applied to human life as well.

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20:15 IST, April 7th 2020
Leopards spotted 'chilling' at Deolali Air Force Station

Susanta Nanda, an Indian Forest Services officer, uploaded the 43-second-long video on his official Twitter account on April 6. The fearless pair of leopards were spotted at the Air Force Station in Deolali in Nashik, Maharashtra. The IFS officer mentioned that the leopards were reportedly spotted by the officials who were patrolling the Air Force area. In the video, the wild beasts were spotted sitting on a grassy area inside the Air Force Station. While one leopard kept sitting in his position, the other leopard walked a few steps towards the car and then lazily sat down on the ground. The whole scenario was recorded at a distance by the officials who kept sitting inside their car.

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20:15 IST, April 7th 2020
Kerala Police use drone to ensure social distancing

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced nationwide lockdown until April 14, Kerala Police is using drone technology to ensure people are practicing social distancing and following the regulations. In a bid to stem the further spread of coronavirus, Kerala Police is being hailed and is called “best for the security”. They are also posting the drone sightings in the form of short videos on Twitter. In the most recent post, people can be seen running away in ‘lungis’ after noticing the drone by police authorities. As of April 7, the number of coronavirus infections in India has spiked to 4,911 with at least 137 fatalities. 

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18:50 IST, April 7th 2020
Washington joins ‘bear hunt’ game

The 'Bear Hunt Game' is gaining much popularity among the children and parents amid lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak, so much so, that it has reached the US capital. As a part of the game, children can be seen hunting for bears in their neighborhood. These bears are not the ferocious ones, but stuffed animal toys which can be seen finding its place at every window sill. Just like other countries where the game has been liked by all, several cities and towns across America are also keeping their children busy and have created a sense of curiosity in their minds regarding the game under coronavirus lockdown.

A 32-year-old Rachel who was seen hunting for teddy bears while on a walk with her eight-month-old daughter reportedly said that it is very difficult for parents to come up with some stuff for the kids to do especially during this time where one cannot step out of the house for play areas.

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16:07 IST, April 7th 2020
Camels enjoy at beach amid lockdown

Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda, who is known for sharing adorable yet intriguing animal videos on social media that show the compassionate side of wildlife, shared this adorable video on Twitter. It shows a flock of camels, enjoying on a beach. The animals can be seen playing with the waves while running after each other. However, it is disheartening that this became possible only because of the coronavirus lockdown. The video has garnered over 771 Likes and 165 Retweets. Netizens have poured in a host of comments for this adorable video. They are in love with this rare sight, which is difficult to spot.

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14:26 IST, April 7th 2020
Husband's adorable gesture for wife undergoing chemo

Kelly Harrell Conner, suffering from stage II breast cancer, had her scheduled chemotherapy session at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. Her husband, Albert Conner, aware of the need of home quarantine and social distancing, understood that he could not enter the hospital premises in order to support his wife, following the restrictions in the entry of visitors in most hospitals. Albert, however, in order to stay beside his wife, drove to the cancer centre in a different car and parked outside the centre. He laid out a chair, took his book and bottle of a cold drink and placed a romantic placard beside him, solely dedicated to his wife. He not only wrote to his wife, that he was there to be with her during her session but also thanked the hospital staff. The picture of Albert sitting outside the centre was uploaded by MD Anderson Cancer Center on their official Instagram and Facebook accounts.


A post shared by MD Anderson Cancer Center (@mdandersoncancercenter) on


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12:58 IST, April 7th 2020
Dog plays volleyball with humans

The video which was shared on Norwegian beach volleyball team’s Instagram shows a dog named Kiara and her human companions playing a match. The dog can be seen very excited while chasing the ball. Kiara can be seen not only chasing the ball, but she is actually playing the game. Kiara jumped into the action as one of the player's partners in a two-on-two volleyball match. This wasn't Kiara's first time playing the sport. A previous video shows the dog getting practice reps so that she can learn when she's supposed to chase after the ball, and when to wait for her partner to get it. The video is absolutely thrilling. 


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11:49 IST, April 7th 2020
11-year-old girl donates her piggy bank

Alia Chawla, an 11-year-old girl, residing at Maniram Road in Rishikesh, reportedly donated her entire savings of a sum of Rs 10,141 to the policemen in Kotwali police station. In an attempt to provide a little help in order to combat the deadly COVID-19, the innocent little girl went to the Kotwali police station with her father and handed over her piggy bank. She reportedly asked the policemen to break the piggy bank open and use whatever money it had for feeding the helpless animals and people, who have been starving amid lockdown. SSP Dharmendra Bisht and his team have reportedly started and promoted an initiative wherein they were dedicated to feeding every single animal and person in the district, without fail, following which Alia and her father extended their support by the noble act of kindness.

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10:48 IST, April 7th 2020
Man pours wine for neighbour from window

The increase in cases and fear amid the coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down, forcing people to resort to isolation. Many people have come up with quirky yet hilarious ideas of keeping themselves entertained including a man who poured wine into the glass of a neighbour from his window. The video was posted on social media and netizens are considering it to be a "lockdown love story". The incident took place when the neighbourhood opened windows and stepped out on porches for the nightly round of appreciation for Portland’s frontline workers. Philip Kirkland and his neighbour were banging pots at the window in a bid to thank the health care workers when he asked the woman to get a glass of wine and poured the drink from his window while she collected it in her glass.

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