Heroes Of OLA

Heroes Of Ola: Story Of An Ola Cab Driver Who Turned Into An Animal Rescuer

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

In India, more than 150,000 people die each year due to traffic accidents and that’s about 400 fatalities a day. But, what about the animals who cannot speak? Do people really bother to even help these animals? Here’s an inspirational story of an Ola Cab Driver who will restore your faith in humanity.

A man had come to stay with his son in Bengaluru. This was his first time in Bangalore when he decided to explore this city and to do so, he booked an Ola for commuting. As soon as the car arrived, he sat in the car and left. Suddenly, the driver, Mohammad Zakir Hussain stopped the car and told the passenger about an injured puppy on the side of the road and took his permission to attend to the puppy. The man immediately said yes and the driver stepped off the car to rescue the dog. He saw that the dog was bleeding. As he did not have any piece of cloth to cover the puppy, he came back and told the passenger about the situation. The passenger instantly handed over his jacket to the driver and asked him to get the animal inside the car. Later, they took the puppy to the vet where the doctor treated the animal and it was out of danger.

The driver says that he did not do anything extra-ordinary, but he did something which any ordinary man should do in this situation.

Watch his story in the video above.