WATCH | 'How's The Sugar? Low Sir!': Hundreds Participated In 'Ek Chammach Kam' Initiative Aiming To Raise Awareness About Heart & Kidney Diseases

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In a bid to raise awareness about kidney diseases on occasion of World Kidney Day, Amar Gandhi Foundation and Mumbai Kidney Foundation jointly started a campaign termed 'Ek Chammach Kam'.

Hundreds gathered in Mumbai on March 10 to participate in the initiative by the Amar Gandhi Foundation and Mumbai Kidney Foundation to spread about the rising health concern over the kidney diseases. The 'Ek Chammach Kam' marathon was flagged off by famous santoor player and Padma Vibhushan Pandit Shivkumar Sharma. 

Participants at the gathering raised slogans: 'How's the sugar? - Low Sir!', How's the josh? - High Sir!' Along with a marathon, participants carried on skits and plays to raise speak on the raising concern on the kidney diseases and the importance of a healthy kidney. 

Speaking on the initiative, Dr Umesh Khanna, Mumbai Kidney Foundation chief spoke on the importance of a healthy lifestyle to prevent kidney and heart diseases.

"14th March is celebrated as World Kidney Day all over. All the countries are trying to prevent kidney diseases from taking an epidemic proportion. WHO has also taken upon themselves to stop the epidemic of non-communicable diseases. In short, they are called lifestyle diseases. All of us are aware of how lifestyle has increased the prevalence of diabetes, blood pressure, obesity and because of that kidney diseases and heart disease increased," Dr Khanna said.

Dr Bhavesh Vora, senior Nephrologist stated the root cause of the heart and kidney diseases to be diabetes, hypertension and obesity which can be prevented with the less intake of sugar, salt and oil. 

"The purpose of the gathering is to create awareness about reduction of salt, oil and sugar. The root cause of most of the heart and kidney diseases is diabetes, hypertension, obesity and related heart and kidney diseases. So this is the reason why you concentrate well on your diet and reduce the consumption of oil, salt and sugar then it can make all the difference," Dr Vora added. 

Speaking on the occasion, chief guest and renowned music composer Pandit Shivkumar Sharma hailed the initiative 'Ek Chammach Kam' as a beautiful message. 

"Small things can go a long way to help in that direction. So, these three things which are important also - salt, oil and sugar and if we curtail that, saying less salt, less sugar and less oil - that can go a long way in keeping us healthy. This is the message and I think this is a beautiful message," the Padma Vibhushan awardee said. 

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