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As Pakistan PM Negotiates With Banned TTP, Defence Experts Warn Islamabad To Be Cautious

Pakistan P Imran Khan has informed that his government is having dialogue with Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan, showing his willingness to 'forgive' terror outfit.

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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has informed that his government is having a dialogue with Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), showing his willingness to 'forgive' the terrorist outfit which killed hundreds of Pakistanis in terror attacks. In an interview with TRT World News, Khan said that his administration may pardon TTP if an agreement could be reached. However, experts have warned Islamabad to remain cautious especially amid the recent unfolding of events in Afghanistan.

Indian Army Major General (retired) G.D. Bakshi said that Pakistan's decision to hold take is a new low even for Islamabad. "Hillary Clinton once told if you nurture snakes in your backyard, you cannot hope that it will only bite your enemy, you should not be surprised if they bite you. This is precisely what Tehreek-i-Taliban has done," Bakshi said adding that the Imran Khan administration should not expect help from the rest of the world, as they are themselves approach the terrorist organisation for talks.

Defence experts, who were quoted by news agency ANI, asked Pakistan to tread carefully amid the recent developments in Afghanistan following the Taliban's takeover.

Pakistan defence analyst Brigadier (retd) Haris Nawaz said that if Americans can negotiate the Doha agreement with the Taliban then why not Islamabad. "We will negotiate with them on our terms, if they agree with that and that all those involved in a crime will have to go through the court of law but many of those who were junior persons playing under their arms can be given amnesty."

Imran Khan says Pakistan govt in talks with banned TTP

Pakistan PM on Friday said that his government is in talks with the banned TTP to convince them to surrender extremism and abide by the country's Constitution.

"There are different groups which form the TTP and some of them want to talk to our government for peace. So, we are in talks with them. It's a reconciliation process," Pakistan PM said in an interview with Turkish government-owned media. He said that talks are taking place in Afghanistan.

This development comes after reports suggested that the Afghan Taliban released some top TTP terrorists, including Maulvi Faqir Mohammad, following taking control over Afghanistan in August.

Recently, the Pakistan People Party (PPP) lashed out at Imran Khan over his decision to hold talks with the banned group. PPP vice president Sherry Rehman said that the “statement of forgiving TTP (members) is akin to sprinkling salt on the wounds of dead soldiers' families." She also questioned why Parliament and political parties were not informed about dialogue with the TTP.

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