Bilawal Bhutto Lambastes Imran Khan, Says 'Pakistan Will Split'

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Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the chairman of Pakistan's Opposition party Ptearing apart the PM of Pakistan said that Imran Khan's government could split Pakistan.

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Updated On:

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the chairman of Pakistan's Opposition party Pakistan's People Party (PPP) tearing apart the Prime Minister of Pakistan said that Imran Khan's government could split Pakistan into states. 

Addressing a press conference at Hyderabad Press Club in Pakistan, Bhutto stated that Bangladesh was formed recently and if Opposition parties in Pakistan don't stand up, then Pakistan could be dismembered into states of Sindhi, Seraiki, Pashtun as well. 

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He said, "Bangladesh was made yesterday. If you continue your atrocities, if parties like PPP don't stand up, then tomorrow separate Sindhi, Seraiki, Pashtun states might be formed."  

Save PoK call

Back on August 27, Pakistan Opposition called for a movement to save PoK's Muzaffarabad, citing Imran Khan's 'failure.' "Earlier what used to be our policy on Kashmir? Earlier, Pakistan's policy was how will we take Srinagar. Now, after Khan has come to power, because of his failure, what is Pakistan’s position? How will we now save Muzaffarabad?" Bilawal Bhutto said in the video. 

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Pakistan will break into pieces

Islamabad should stop promoting terrorism, otherwise, no one will be able to prevent it from 'breaking into pieces', Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said on Saturday. "Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has given good advice to his people to not cross the Line of Control because Indian soldiers are ready and will not allow them to return," he said.

Singh asserted that if human rights are being violated anywhere, it is happening in "our neighbouring country". "You can go there and see what is happening with Balochis, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jains and Buddhists... A country like this is trying to defame India by talking about human rights violations," he said, adding that the whole world is now understanding this. India does not believe in the politics of caste, community or religion, it believes in the politics of justice and humanity, the minister said.

"By doing the politics of religion, they (British rulers) divided India into two pieces. But you must have seen that during 1971, Pakistan, which was made on the basis of religion, was broken into two pieces. And if this kind of politics goes on, no one in the world will be able to stop Pakistan from breaking into pieces," he asserted.

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Singh said no one would need to break Pakistan as it would disintegrate itself. It broke into two pieces earlier, and the way it is treating its minorities Balochis, Sindhis and Pashtuns, no one can say when Pakistan will break into pieces again, he said.

"The way Pakistan is promoting terrorism, it should stop doing so, otherwise no one can stop it from further breaking into pieces in future," Singh said.

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