Diver Comes Across Colossal Ambling Jellyfish, 'Jelfie' Goes Viral

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A British diver was diving off the coast of Cornwall in Britain on Saturday when she came across a gigantic barrel jellyfish. 

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A British diver was diving off the coast of Cornwall in Britain on Saturday when she came across a gigantic barrel jellyfish. 

Lizzie Daly, who also works as a biologist and a broadcaster, was diving when a human-sized jellyfish was gliding its way through water. The peach-coloured jellyfish was captured on camera by Dan Abott, who documented the whole encounter. Divers like Daly usually encounter various kinds of jellyfish and other marine species, but never before did Daly encounter a jellyfish of her size. She also tweeted a picture of the jellyfish:

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Narrating her whole experience which was quite the treat to her eyes, she said:

"We weren't expecting anything. It was an absolute delight to get that experience."

Daly and cameraman Abbott were diving for Wild Ocean Week, a fundraiser for the Marine Conservation Society of the United Kingdom. The initiative is taken by Daly herself and it also involved documenting various marine species off the coast. Meanwhile, here's what Abott had to say, as he captured the magnificient creature through his lens. 

"My first reaction was that I've never seen a jellyfish that size in my life,"

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Meanwhile Netizens reacted to Daly's encounter. Here's a look at some of the tweets:

Abott, who described the creature as 'beautiful, majestic, slow-moving and graceful animal' was solely focused on staying out of its way and attempting to capture its video which was possibly a rare case scenario. Barrel jellyfish are small, merely a millimeter in length, but eventually they turn out to be huge creatures, as per an expert from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Jellyfishes feed on other fishes, small crustaceans and zooplankton. The Mediterranean and the surrounding coastline of the UK is a vast habitat for the jellyfish. The stinging cells of barrel jellyfish are more compact than those of others with long tentacles. 

However, Daly asserted that she was not scared of swimming right next to the jellyfish and hopes to inspire others to take to the ocean through her video that was captured by Abott. "Get in the water, grab a snorkel mask," Daly said. "Just go for it to see what's out there." she said

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