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Trump's Ex-NSA John Bolton Speaks To Arnab; Exposes Biden's Afghan Blunder & Pakistan Role

In an exclusive interview with Republic's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, former US NSA John Bolton shed light on America's 'bungled' withdrawal from Afghanistan

Image: AP / Republic World

In a world-exclusive interview with Republic Media Network's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, John Bolton, the former US National Security Advisor (NSA) in Donald Trump Administration, criticised US President Joe Biden's botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. He also said that Pentagon is in a difficult position due to the Taliban's rapid takeover of the war-torn country. He also spoke on Pakistan's role in spreading terrorism, making deeply telling observations on India's neighbour.

'Wouldn't trust Taliban in any matter'

When asked about the present approach of the US government to deal with the Afghanistan situation, John Bolton told Arnab Goswami, "I wouldn't trust Taliban in any matter, great or small or I would give them any assistance. What Biden is worried about is the Taliban will not comply with the commitment that was made in a poorly negotiated peace agreement, that they will not give sanctuary to ISIS or anybody else... If there is another terror attack in the US that comes out of Afghanistan his (Biden) political future is over and his party will suffer greatly and should suffer due to the danger they have presented it to the United States."

He said that the execution of the withdrawal of the US troops has been "badly bungled" by the Joe Biden administration. "The inability to see Taliban coming to power very quickly has left the Pentagon in a very difficult position," Bolton said.

The former US NSA said that terror organisations all around the world have taken heart from America's departure from Afghanistan. "Whether Pakistan or Iran, America and allies need to take great precautions against further terror threats," he said.

Bolton, who held the NSA office till September 2019, further stated that the US government has made a mistake by sharing intelligence and a list of those associated with the US forces with the Taliban, "which can be quite dangerous for us and our friends."

'Should have acted against Pakistan'

On Pakistan's role, the former US NSA said, "For many years after 9/11, notwithstanding our understanding of Pakistan developing nukes, or our fear that Pakistan terrorists would come to control them, we've gritted our teeth and tried to deal with Pakistan on an equal footing."

He further said that his administration should have acted against Pakistan for nurturing terrorism. "An expert on Pakistan once said that they were the only government he knew that consisted simultaneously of arsonists and firefighters and I think now the US has to put it to Pakistan very directly- either we see an end to this terrorism or we are gonna have a very different relationship," John Bolton said.

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