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WATCH: Did You Know That Dementia And Alzheimer’s Are Not The Same?

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Did you know that Dementia and Alzheimer’s are not the same?

The population of the elderly in India has been increasing in recent years, and will continue to rise in the coming decades. Their well-being is our responsibility and we must ensure that they are valued and respected as active members of the society. Hira Mehta, a 2016 YES! i am the CHANGE participant from Mumbai showcases Shailesh Mishra’s relentless work towards elderly care and Dementia in her short film Silver Innings.

Set in Mumbai, the next story shows us how the passion to make a difference can change several lives. Bringing smiles on wrinkled faces, Mark D’Souza serves love and not just meals to the elderly. Sidharth Banerjee, a YES! i am the CHANGE 2016 youth participant, brings to light Mark’s story of paying tribute to his parents by serving food. While making delivering happiness, young Sidharth realises that Mark is that source of inspiration he would always look up to.

Watch the full episode in the video above.