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Communal Violence Erupts In UK's Leicester; Temple Targetted After Hindu March

Multiple clashes erupted in UK's Leicester in the past two days wherein the two groups turned violent following an IND vs PAK match. Hindu temple was targeted.

Image: ANI

In a major development, several clashes were reported in United Kingdom's Leicester in the past two days wherein the two groups turned violent following a cricket match between India and Pakistan. According to the UK police, the first incident was reported on August 28 following an India-Pakistan Asia Cup cricket match held in Dubai. However, until Saturday, it said there were only a few reports of minor incidents in the densely populated region.

The matter turned worst when a man targeted a Hindu temple and pulled down a flag outside the temple on Melton Road, Leicester. While the disturbing clips went viral on social media, UK police are said to have arrested at least two individuals. 

Some videos doing rounds on the internet show the incident took place in presence of police officers who were dealing with public unrest in the region. Though the incident was acknowledged by the police, it said the matter is under investigation. Meanwhile, the UK police called for peace and said the police team will continue to patrol in the East Leicester area. Furthermore, it said that a large number of people were searched, wherein two men were arrested and remain in custody – one on suspicion of conspiracy to commit violent disorder and another on suspicion of possession of a bladed article.

"Our policing operation in the East Leicester area continues. There have been no further reports of disorder. We would like to thank the local community for their support in reducing tensions. Please report any incidents by phoning 101 or online visiting the website," announced Leicestershire Police on its social media accounts.

"We continue to engage with groups in the East Leicester area. There is a strong police officer presence which is being supported by resources from other police forces. Officers have used dispersal powers to help keep the local community safe and assist in restoring calm," it added. 

Police clarify rumours: No mosques were attacked 

Earlier on Friday, Chief Constable Nixon said there had been a total of 27 arrests as part of the “policing operation in the east Leicester area". Besides, rumours of an attack on a mosque surfaced on social media on Saturday, which the Leicestershire Police dispelled saying, "We've seen reports on social media that a mosque is being attacked. Officers on the ground have confirmed this is not true. Please only share information on social media you know to be true." It is worth mentioning this was not the first time when such incidents took place in one of the most diverse cities in the UK. Earlier last month, the local administration imposed similar dispersal orders after a few days of unrest believed to involve local Hindu and Muslim groups in the wake of the India Vs Pakistan match in Dubai. 

Image: ANI

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