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WATCH: Lawyer Leading UK Probe Into Cambridge Analytica Data Breach Scandal Speaks To Republic; Seeks India Links

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • Republic TV has spoken to Julian Malins, the lawyer leading the probe into the Cambridge Analytica matter in the UK
  • Malins has written back to Republic TV seeking material/information relevant to his investigation
  • Republic TV's #ForeignHand investigation had earlier shown that the data theft scandal's India angle is bigger than previously thought

Republic TV's #ForeignHand investigation into the global data theft scandal, after revealing on Thursday that the matter's India angle is far larger than previously thought, on Friday, managed to get in touch with the UK lawyer leading the probe into Cambridge Analytica and its now-suspended CEO Alexander Nix.

Republic TV spoke to Julian Malin, the lawyer in question, who sought an email questionnaire based on which he'd give a response. On having received the questionnaire, he replied as follows, seeking India links:

I thank you for your email.  As you will appreciate I am currently working on reviewing a whole series of allegations, currently in the public domain. This must take some time, so I regret that I cannot deal with your questions at the moment. However, it may be that you would like to assist my enquiry/investigation/review, by sending me such material/information which you feel I should have, going forward.

Kindest regards

Julian Malins Q.C.

A massive controversy was triggered around Cambridge Analytica as an investigative report revealed that the company had allegedly 'stolen' data regarding around 50 million users from Facebook and used it in an attempt to influence the 2016 US elections in favour of the Trump campaign. The company had allegedly been involved in elections in a number of other countries as well, and as per sources, had even signed, along with its affiliates, a Rs 800+ crore deal with a major Indian political party. The deal came about after eight important politicians of a major political party met with Alexander Nix and Cambridge Analytica's top brass. Payments for the deal were allegedly fronted via an NGO.

Listen to Republic TV's conversation with lawyer Julian Malins in the video above