Har Ek Boond: Citizens Adapt Changes To Reverse Water Crisis In India

Har Ek Boond

Here’s how Indians are tackling the major crisis of safe and clean usable water in the country.  

Written By Debolina Datta | Mumbai | Updated On:

Water is one of the most important elements on Earth but there are many countries in the world that are not able to provide proper access of safe drinking water to a large section of their population. According to many reports, small yet significant measures can create a huge difference to the condition of water today.

Bengaluru adapts water management in the corporate sector 

According to many reports, Bengaluru is one of the cities that has a rapidly depleting groundwater table. The people of the IT hub have come together to adapt changes in their workplaces that will help with the conservation of water. The solutions are as simple as harvesting rainwater, reusing wastewater for gardening purposes and mindfulness of the usage of water.  

Marzin R Shroff (MD & CEO, Eureka Forbes) suggests that like Bengaluru, corporate sectors across the country can adapt similar practices in their homes and offices to contribute to the efforts taken by the water guards or environment activists around the world. Every corporate has a budget for CSR projects which can be used for initiatives related to water conservation.  

Varanasi pledges to save water 

The people of Varanasi have adapted to traditional methods of conserving water like using a bucket instead of shower to take a bath, using the filtered-out water for cleaning and watering purposes. The citizens have taken up the initiative to inform the administration about broken taps that lead to overflow of water and about the ponds and other dried up water bodies that can be revived. All the people of Varanasi pledge to make every drop count as each drop is valuable.  

The water guards request the citizens of the country to change their attitude towards water. There is a need to respect water as it is the gift of nature and in order to be passionate about conserving it and saving the future. Ramveer Tanwar urges people to take necessary actions to ensure that the nature is preserved for our future generation in the same conditions that we were born into. 

Aquaguard Har Ek Boond, is an initiative by the Republic Media Network and Aquaguard that aims to spread knowledge about the looming water crisis over India and inspire the citizens to take charge themselves to curb the situation with proper management of water. 

Here’s how you can contribute to make every drop of water count - 

Take the pledge by logging onto www.republicworld.com or give a missed call on 1800 120 887788. 

Watch to know more about the changes that people have adapted in order to conserve water.  

By 2030, 40% Indian will not have access to drinking water