Indian Water Bodies In Danger Due To Depletion And Pollution

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Millions of people in India are water stressed. Water warrior Ramveer Tanwar talks about the importance of spreading awareness about lake rejuvenation.

Written By Debolina Datta | Mumbai | Updated On:

The situation of water and water bodies in India are in a terrible condition. The country has lost over 70% of water bodies like marshes and lakes in just the Gangetic plains located in the Northern parts. In many places, even rain-fed lakes are dying at an alarming rate. At times, when 600 million people are severely water-stressed, the disappearance of water bodies becomes disturbing.

Ramveer Tanwar, an environmentalist and lake conservationist have offered hope to the population, already rejuvenating over 10 ponds in the state of Uttar Pradesh. He believes that lakes are a miracle and God’s own way to conserve rainwater. However, people use these ponds as garbage bins. Due to the disposal of different kinds of waste materials. The ground is disconnected to the water making absorption difficult. The catchment area of these lakes is badly affected. The catchment area is where the surface water from rainfall or ice flow into a lower elevation to form a single body of water that maybe a lake or river or even another pond.

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Here’s how you can help Ramveer Tanwar by making every drop of water count:

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By 2030, 40% Indians will not have access to drinking water