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Meet 2 Brands That Are Helping India Transform Into A Self-reliant Nation

Republic along with VoiceWhat has released the 2nd episode of Self-Reliant India Brands & Leaders - a show that focuses on some of the most exceptional brands

Republic Media Network along with VoiceWhat has released the second episode of Self-Reliant India Brands & Leaders - a show that focuses on some of the most exceptional Indian brands & their journey in making India a self-reliant nation. This episode shares the journey of 2 incredible brands that have been pioneers in paving the way towards an Aatmanirbhar Bharat - Ador Welding Ltd & FSTC.

Ador Welding Ltd has always been a synonym for the welding industry in India since its inception in 1951. The company was established in collaboration with Oerlikon Ltd - a swiss brand and leader in welding back then and was formerly known as Advani-Oerlikon Ltd. Regarded as a pioneer in the Indian welding industry, Ador Welding Ltd has progressively extended its knowledge and expertise to cover specializations by catering to a complex range of user needs in India, the Middle East, Africa, as well as South-East Asia.

Being a leader in the Indian welding industry, the company has also started its very own training academy. The Ador Welding Academy is a place where the company trains and imparts knowledge to young minds in the country. Representing the company was Mr. Satish M. Bhat, Managing Director, Adore Welding Limited. Mr. Bhat highlighted the journey of the company, right from its conception to date, and the several milestones that the company has achieved over the years.

" Excellency in manufacturing is the forte that the company has been carrying since day 1. Since the beginning, the focus of the company is on the Research & Development, Indigenization & Local development of products, and that how this company has grown over six and a half decades." says, Mr. Satish Bhat, MD, Ador Welding Ltd.

He added, "Over a period of time as we expanded our product offerings or product basket and services to the customer, we were able to develop numerous employment opportunities within the company, at our academy as well as at our supply chain that includes suppliers of raw materials, suppliers of systems and also at our customer service forefront." Mr Bhat also emphasized on the use of the latest and innovative technology at Ador Welding Ltd and the company's contribution to various government projects like dams and various other irrigation projects undertaken during the green revolution in India.

FSTC commenced its operation in 2012 and has skilled over 1200 pilots in the last 8 years. The company believes in providing cost-effective & high-quality training within the country. FSTC currently has training centres set-up in Delhi & Hyderabad and has clocked over 100,000 simulator hours. By owning talent and acquiring the latest infrastructure, the company is committed to evolving India into a global centre for aviation capabilities trained in the Indian skies. The guest panel consisted of 2 distinguished guests representing FSTC - Capt. D S Basraon, Director, FSTC; and Jitendra Kushwah, CFO & COO, FSTC. Both panelists emphasized and elaborated on the various parameters of training and the use of the latest technology at FSTC. The panelists also highlighted the efforts undertaken by FSTC to making India a global training hub for the aviation sector.

" We encourage pilots to train in India, and in my view, Indian instructors can teach the best. That has always been the aim of FSTC. We bring pilots from abroad to train them in India. Our instructors are very patient, they also take pains to learn their languages, culture, and to provide appropriate solutions for the people who come from different countries of the world. We definitely want to make India a global training hub for the aviation sector." says, Capt. D.S. Basraon, Director, FSTC

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