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Pakistan Scholar Ayesha Siddiqa Tears Apart Imran Khan's Debt-ridden 'Naya Pak' War-mongering, Leaves Him Nowhere To Hide

Written By Navashree Nandini | Mumbai | Published:


  • Pakistani scholar Ayesha Siddiqa exposed the economic situation of Imran Khan's 'Naya Pakistan'
  • She said Pakistani army is not in a position to fight any war due to the country's crumbling economy
  • She also added that they Pakistani people understand that country cannot fight a war at this stage

Even as Pakistan continues to make attempts of rumour-mongering and approach the international community seeking intervention in the Kashmir issue after India abrogated article 370 that provided 'special status to Jammu and Kashmir and bifurcated the state into union territories, thereby integrating it to the rest of India, Pakistani scholar and journalist has exposed country's poor economy. Pakistani scholar and journalist Ayesha Siddiqa exposed the position of Imran Khan's 'Naya Pakistan' and said:

"Pakistani army is not in a position to fight any war due to the country's crumbling economy." Speaking to a news agency, she said: "You need money for all these, moreover FATF is saying that end terror financing and lock jihadis. IMF is giving money after a lot of struggle and they have got a warning for that dole out package. I have friends in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir (PoK), I asked them why don't Pakistani army fight, so they said no they will lose, so here common people is understanding that they will lose if war happens. They understand it is not the time to fight." 

"This is for the first time, a common man (in Pakistan) realises that war is not possible. There is a pain, a deep sorrow but there is despair that nothing can't be done. Its time to see as to how Pakistan Army will react," she said. "For the past 72 years, the focus of the Pakistan Army was Kashmir and India. One day they woke up and nothing was left. There are some groups in Pakistan Army who are in deep sorrow and angry and they will definitely raise a question," she added.

Ayesha said Pakistan has also tasted defeat at the United Nations on the Kashmir issue and will now target its civil society members, who will raise questions over the government's failure on Kashmir. She also questioned Islamabad's failure to curb terrorism and targeting innocent political activists in Pashtun dominated areas. Ayesha, who hails from Lahore in Pakistan, is currently working as a research associate at the SOAS University of London.

Pakistan's market crashes to record low days after it cut trade ties with India

The economy in Pakistan is in a dire condition. On Thursday, August 9, the stock market in Pakistan was a record low - as it went down by 800 points. Incidentally, Pakistan cut off trade ties following J&K integration. It is being said that ever since India integrated with J&K by revoking Article 370, its market has gone down. 

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Opposition in Pakistan protests against the country's economy under Imran Khan

Earlier, as India was deploying troops in Jammu and Kashmir before abrogation of Article 370, Opposition parties across Pakistan staged massive protest against Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on July 30. All the main opposition parties held protest rallies accusing Imran Khan’s government of ruining the economy and seeking to intimidate and silence its opponents. There has been a crackdown on the Opposition under the rule of Khan.

Amid mounting economic problems in the country, the protests were dubbed as the black day protest and highlighted the tensions in the country a year after Imran Khan came to power. While there has been a surge in fuel prices, and a plunge in the value of the currency, there are additional charges of allegations of media censorship and curb on voices of dissent. As the Oppostion marches intensified on Thursday, the cities of Quetta, Lahore and Karachi boomed with Anti Imran Khan sentiments. 

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