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Her Circle Releases A Special Video On ‘What Makes Girls And Women Of India Feel Free’

As India celebrates it's 75th year of Independence, Her Circle releases a special video on ‘What Makes Girls and Women of India Feel Free’


On India’s 75th Independence Day, Her Circle, a first-of-its-kind digital content & networking platform for women, is pleased to hand over the mic to the country’s girls and women on what freedom means to them and what is the one thing that gives them wings. Navigating a world that curtails her movement, imposes boundaries and social norms, and allows her fewer opportunities, freedom takes the shape of an ambiguous entity. Her Circle found that for each individual woman we interviewed, freedom as a concept had different interpretations. 

In this unique initiative, we spoke to a wide age range, including the youngest six-year-old and the eldest 96- and 99-year-old women, and covered a cross-section of society with women belonging to different regions, communities, and life phases. For a girl child, playing and getting her hands dirty was the ultimate form of independence. For a young woman, her financial freedom formed the crux of calling herself a modern independent individual. For an elderly woman, it was the ability to be mobile that gave her wings. 

Apart from these selections, there were varied expressions of freedom by the girls and women Her Circle reached out to. Their idea of freedom followed diverse definitions such as: running her own business, taking the responsibility to stand by her own choices, traveling solo, having the right to make her own mistakes, being able to work, earning her pension in silver years, taking care of somebody and feeling that sense of responsibility, not being told to do things, following no filters, being at her parents’ place and doing what she liked, riding a two-wheeler, freedom of speech online and offline, hanging out with friends, not depending on anybody, taking her own life decisions, teaching and empowering children with physical and mental disabilities, the opportunity to sing and finally having the power to ignore judgments. The discoveries ranged from the endearing to the ambitious, basic to far-reaching with a leitmotif—the freedom to make their own choices. 

Why did Her Circle conduct this video campaign? 

Indian women have made significant strides globally, be it in sports, business, culture, and entertainment. Her Circle believes that not just success stories but each and every Indian woman counts. As a digital destination, Her Circle provides a platform for women to have their voices and opinions heard. To be truly independent, all individuals of the country need to have the fundamental rights to freedom, starting with freedom of expression. On the occasion of India’s 75th Independence Day, we asked a few women what their idea of freedom is. Time to hear them and truly work towards equality and gender empowerment.

About Her Circle

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