Habits, Hobbies, Heart Health And How To Find Time- Dr Panda Answers


Ahead of World Heart Day 2019, Dr. Ramakanta Panda, Chief Cardiac Surgeon and MD of Asian Heart Institute, spoke to Republic on hobbies, habits & managing time

Written By Prachi Mankani | Mumbai | Updated On:

Ahead of World Heart Day, Dr Ramakanta Panda, the Chief Cardiac Surgeon and MD at Mumbai's Asian Heart Hospital, spoke to Republic TV and highlighted the inter-relation of hobbies and health. He mentioned that having a hobby plays a pivotal role in leading a healthy life.

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Hobby for a healthy life

Emphasising on the importance of having a hobby, Dr.Panda, a Padma Bhushan, said the best way to overcome stress is to have a hobby. He futher said that it is essential for a person to take out time from their day and engage in a hobby. 

"No matter how busy you are, how successful you are,  you should have a hobby. More successful means more stress and one of the best way to beat stress to have a hobby. Hobby can be listening to music, learning music, reading books or developing a hobby like photography. As for me, photography has been my hobby. Although I read books and listen to music but photography is my most important hobby as it really reduces stress."

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'A hobby is an investment in your health'

Dr Panda then briefly spoke about his schedule and how he spends his Sunday indulging in photography and visiting his favourite places.

"I will give you an example. I work for 14 to 16 hours in a day but on Sunday, I am out at 6 o clock in the morning unless I have a medical meeting or I have to give a talk,  I go to my favourite places like Navi Mumbai or the creeks and do photography for two hours. Those two hours are my yoga period and I forget about work and it refreshes me for the entire week. At the same time, once or twice a month I go to all the national parks, I take pictures. So I always suggest that no matter how busy you are, you should always develop a hobby. A hobby is not a waste of time but it is an investment in your health, an investment in reducing stress, so you get a much longer life length and a good quality of life."

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