Horoscope | Daily Horoscope For December 4 For All Zodiac Signs


Plan your day according to your horoscope now. Every new day is different and it comes with new challenges. Here is the horoscope for all signs for December 4.

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If you plan your day according to horoscopes, this is your ultimate destination. Here is how you can plan your day according to the alignment of your stars and planets, you are related to. Horoscopes might not be 100% accurate but you can still get a good overview of your day. Take a look at your horoscope for the 4th of December:

Horoscope for 4th December:


Think and then give your heart. You are precious and not for the faint of heart. Your energy will be pulled towards a certain somebody but be careful while making decisions. Today is a big day for you.


The struggles you have been going under since the past few years will finally be fruitful. Get some relaxing and go for a spa. You need to calm yourself down after the toxic few days that you have endured.


Your curious nature has led you to many unwanted situations. It is good to ask questions and clear your doubts but be aware of the situation and the person that you are dealing with. You should try a new hobby.


Go ahead and follow your passion. You need to stop holding yourself back. Your love life shall get interesting today. 


You are smart and brave. Take that leap and go with the new project at hand. Your hard work will bear good fruits.


You need a hot shower with some candles to relax. You have been running too much. Calm down and cook some of your favourite noodles.


You need to focus on what you want. You have potential but your direction is unclear. Sit down and think twice about what you want from life. 


You are fierce and strong but often bend down to other's demands. Give a voice to your thoughts and stand up for yourself. The ones who love you shall support you.


You are going to get very lucky. Soon all your desires are to be fulfilled. The one person that is your true lucky charm is in your life. Make them happy and take care of your gem.


You are strong but stubborn and do not believe in taking help. You need to calm down and think twice. You shall regret it if you make decisions without consulting others.

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You need to believe in yourself. Things will fall in place but to go ahead you need to be confident. Get some time out and enjoy with your loved ones.

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You need to work on yourself and think about your future. Your past mistakes will make you pay. You need to be strong and brave to beat this wave that is coming towards you.

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