Scorpio Horoscope For December 4, 2019 | Scorpio Daily Prediction


A Scorpio is born between October 23 and November 22 and belongs to the 'water' element of the zodiac. Read more about their daily prediction- career and more.

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People who belong to the zodiac sign of Scorpio are known for their determination. They are highly independent individuals and they work diligently. They try to build something unique by putting their creative skills to use. They do not believe in parties but rather believe in staying alone and spending quality time. Read on to know what your stars and ruling planets have for you.

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Scorpio- What to expect today?

Today you start on a beneficial front. The ruling planet of your sign Mars is in such a position which yields progressive financial growth. Lady luck is sure to shine on those who work hard. A business trip for an executive or salesperson is seen happening today. Working continuously may yield desired results.


A meaningful relationship may develop today which may lead to an increased interest in life. Single people are likely to meet their teenage crush at a social function. There are chances that this meeting might lead to a date. Avoid arguments and fights with your beloved. 

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Career-oriented changes may start to set in today and these changes may arise in your favour.  If you keep working hard, you shall reach your goal and achieve success. Stay motivated and try to push your limits. You may not lose control over your well-settled position and things might just be right for you.


The immune system is all set to improve today.  Even if you happen to fall ill, you are to recover fast. if you suffer from health issues such as diabetes, or blood pressure, take the utmost care of your health. Refrain from eatables and soft drinks with high sugar content.


Situations or instances may arise where you shall spend an exquisite amount of money. However, saving money can prove to be beneficial. Do not take undue risks to increase your income inflow.  Keep your savings safe and plan your expenses accordingly.

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