Howdy Modi: Preeti Dawra Schools Rahul Gandhi On Costliest Event Jibe

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Preeti Dawra while speaking to Republic TV said that Rahul Gandhi speaks out of turn and apologizes for his statement later.

Written By Pritesh Kamath | Mumbai | Updated On:

Rahul Gandhi’s dig at PM Modi’s upcoming Texas event ‘Howdy Modi’ on being the world’s most expensive event, has been taken in a negative stride by Indians across the world and was even criticized by the organizers of the event. The spokesperson for Texas India Forum Preeti Dawra while speaking to Republic TV said that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi always speaks out of turn and apologizes for his statements later. Dawra appended that the event is free including the parking, however, the resources and funds for the massive NRG stadium and the preparations that are involved have been pooled by the volunteers together to host Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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Preeti Dawra schools Rahul Gandhi

While speaking to Republic TV at the event’s venue, Dawra said, “Rahul Gandhi to some extent always speaks out of turn and I hope that as he has apologized for the other times he has misstated; that he will do the same for this. The fact is that this is a community event, it is a free event including the parking. But of course, as you see this is the NRG stadium, it takes resources to do this. It’s not the government of India at all, it is the volunteers who came out to contribute to host. How can you stop the volunteers who want to host such an event and stop them from contributing to hosting it? So this is completely a lie fabricated by Rahul Gandhi to create an unnecessary sensation. He should go look for news elsewhere. We are here to celebrate our country and the Prime Minister is a representation of that."

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Rahul Gandhi on Friday slammed the government’s tax cuts and linked it with PM Modi's upcoming event. Taking to Twitter, Rahul Gandhi sarcastically said that PM Modi is ready to do anything for a stock market bump during his event and went on to call the event, the world’s most expensive one.

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'Howdy, Modi' and PM Modi at UNGA 

In his six-day long visit in 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to address the 'Howdy, Modi' event in Houston and then move to New York for the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), with many other engagements planned in between. Houston-based Texas India Forum will host the massive event at the NRG Stadium on September 22. The NRG stadium is one of America's largest professional football stadiums and is home to the Houston Texans franchise. An Indian community leader in Houston Jugal Malani who is the convener of the 'Howdy, Modi' organizing committee said: "We are excited to hold this summit at the renowned NRG stadium. This will be the largest ever gathering of Indian-Americans and friends of India, with a diverse representation from the region and across the country."

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