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FULL INTERVIEW | Yogi Adityanath Speaks To Republic On Akhilesh, '80:20' Quip & Post-poll BSP Alliance

As Uttar Pradesh celebrates its 73rd statehood day on Monday, CM Yogi Adityanath spoke exclusively to Republic Media Network's Executive Editor Aishwarya Kapoor

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As Uttar Pradesh celebrates its 73rd statehood day on Monday, CM Yogi Adityanath spoke exclusively to Republic Media Network's Executive Editor Aishwarya Kapoor. Predicting a massive BJP win in the upcoming UP polls, he spoke on a myriad of topics like - the exodus of BJP MLAs to SP, Aparna Yadav's joining, riots in UP, his '80%-20%' remark, his biggest challenger Akhilesh Yadav and post-poll alliance with BSP. The 403-seat UP assembly is up for grabs in a 7-phase election from February 10 to March 7. Results will be announced on March 10.

Here are excerpts from the Full Interview:

Yogi on Aparna Yadav

"Aparna Yadav was in touch with us for over 4 years. She has been promoting Centre's schemes for a long time now. She donated for Ram Janmabhoomi construction, supported Mission Shakti and other developmental works. While joining BJP she said that she chose nationalism over family," he said.

Yogi on Political exodus from BJP

"Apna Dal (S) and Nishad Party are our old allies. I am not bothered by individuals' leaving as our alliances are based on issues and ideology. Inspite of such political party shifting happening ahead of polls, BJP will win with more than 300 seats" said Adityanath.

He added, "BJP is not a dynastic party and whoever joins BJP is not guaranteed a poll ticket. People join BJP based on ideology but in other parties, one family rules it. They make all decisions. This is the difference between BJP and SP".

Yogi on 80% - 20%

Adityanath said, "I have said that the polls will be fought between 80% and 20%. There are 80% of people who like UP state's policies - govt schemes, law and order etc. They will favour BJP. Those who don't like schemes for poor, strict police action are in 20%. This fight has been happening since 2014, continued in 2017 and hence".

"The Opposition and the 20% are scared of BJP's re-election. Their dreams of destroying UP and creating riots are destroyed. We have never discriminated while implementing schemes for the poor, be it minorities, backward classes etc., and have never appeased anyone. We will continue this unbiased governance in the state," he added.

Yogi on Akhilesh Yadav

Talking on SP chief Akhilesh Yadav, he said,"SP has been in government four times. Akhilesh Yadav has been CM from 2012-17 and yet everyone knows what is the state of SP in UP. If he had done some development for poor, backward classes in his reign, SP would not be in such a sorry state. 18,000 houses were sanctioned, but not one house was built. We have given lakhs of houses for poor via PM Awas scheme and CM scheme".

He added, "Our view is clearly with poor, farmers, backward communities. They (SP) are with those removed Hindus from Kairana, Taliban sympathizers, mafias and goons".

He fumed, "Why does Akhilesh ji not talk about development we have done? He must not know. He is a big man's son. He gets up late in the afternoon, gets dressed, and then cycles. You must have also interviewed him late".

Yogi on Kairana, goons

"If someone is a repeat offender, grabbing poor's houses illegally, we have taken strict action against them. In 2015, the one who was responsible for killing a Hindu businessman is now in jail for 10 years. Those goons who fired at police, have been killed in encounters. We have zero-tolerance towards crimes".

Yogi on riots

"Riots are not one-sided. If there is a Jallad (traitor) on one side, then there is one on other side too. In 2013, everyone were disturbed by these riots but that govt (Akhilesh govt) rewarded these rioters. There has been no riots in the last five years. No incident has occurred which has endangered the public and police has acted strictly within the frame of law".

Yogi on Lakhimpur violence

On Lakhimpur, he said, "The incident was unfortunate. It took us time to collect evidence. Opposition was trying to inflame tensions, but we first maintained peace and then started the investigation. We will not allow anyone to take law in their hands".

Yadav on OP Rajbhar, non-Yadav/Jatav votes

"We have fought elections with them in 2014, 2019. The biggest alliance was formed in 2019 of SP, BSP, Congress against us - you saw what was the result. Zero + zero will remain zero. Those people who are inspired by Maharaj Suheldev, can they shake hands with those who follow Salar Masud Ghazi? They cannot. SP has never respected Suheldev Maharaj. We are making a big statue of Suheldev in Bahraich," said Adityanath adding, "Should one shake hands with those who insulted their ancestors? This coalition will fail like the one in 2019".

Yogi on Tauqeer Raza Khan/ Batla House encounter

"What did they do during Batla House encounter? When Inspector Sharma was martyred during Batla House encounter, it was Congress govt in the Centre. They tried to save the terrorists. Everything is clear in the investigation now. Such statements should not be accepted," said Adityanath.

Yogi on Congress

"Congress does not know what it wants to, they don't have a CM face. They are not clear about what issues they want to fight on. This is the result of dynasty politics," said Adityanath

He added, "This election, the fight is for second place. We will win with a big majority. You can see the threats which SP is giving - this will not be accepted by people. Common man doesn't keep a good view of SP". 

Yogi on Hinduphobia raised at UN

The CM remarked, "There is a conspiracy to defame India. The nation is secular because Hindus are in majority. Minorities feel safe because Hindus are in majority. Hinduism is not a religion, it is an identity across caste, religion etc. The anti-Hindu sentiment was high before, now it is very less. We don't need to worry on it".

Yogi on opinion poll

Buoyed by BJP's predicted victory, he said, "SP will never cross 100. BJP will cross 300. SP is the same as before. When they came to power in 2012, they dismissed cases on terrorists who attacked Ram Janmabhoomi, gunned down Ram bhakts, supported goons, insulted Bhim Rao Ambedkar and renamed Kanshi Ram ji's places. No one should keep any hopes with them. Crossing 100 seats is a dream for SP".

Yogi on SP taking credit for projects

"I have implemented those projects whose foundation I laid. The projects were completed in a timely fashion and dedicated it to the people. We have planned, constructed, implemented, and inaugurated development projects," said the CM. Taking a dig at Akhilesh Yadav, he added, "He will say that he was the one who got electricity to UP from the skies. All districts have 24x7 electricity now. The PPAs done by the SP govt were illegal and looted the people. We scrapped such PPAs and increased electrification".

Yogi on BSP post-poll alliance

On BSP, Adityanath remarked, "BJP will form govt only with its natural allies. BJP will talk about itself and Behen ji is nowadays tweeting about me. I welcome her to Gorakhnath mutt".

UP 'CM Faces' in poll fray

Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav has confirmed that he will contest the upcoming Uttar Pradesh polls from Mainpuri's Karhal constituency. Meanwhile, BJP has fielded incumbent CM Yogi Adityanath from Gorakhpur Urban seat - his home constituency. Facing him, Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad announced that he will contest against Adityanath for the Gorakhpur Urban constituency. On the other hand, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra 'declared' herself as Congress' CM face, only to retract it mere hours later. It is also unclear if Vadra will contest polls as she has never done so till date.

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