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Iran Repeats S.O.S For 'friendly' India's Intervention After Targeting US With Rockets

Speaking exclusively to Republic TV, Ali Chegeni- Iran's envoy to India welcomed the intervention of India to help maintain peace and prosperity in West Asia.

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Akhil Oka

Speaking exclusively to Republic TV on Wednesday, Ali Chegeni- Iran's envoy to India welcomed the intervention of India to help maintain peace and prosperity in west Asia. He asserted that Iran looked forward to initiatives from friendly countries based on peace and justice. This comes amid the escalation of tensions between Iran and the US over the killing of Quds Force chief General Qassem Soleimani and the missiles being fired at two Iraqi military bases housing thousands of US troops.  

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Iran’s envoy to India remarked, “We are welcoming any intervention and any initiative from friendly countries like India and other countries based on peace, justice, anything that can help the peace and prosperity in the region.” 

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'All the countries should push for real peace' 

Talking to the media earlier, Chegeni defended Iran’s retaliatory strike by citing the demand of millions of people participating in the funeral of General Soleimani. At the same time, he stressed that Iran did not desire any escalation in the conflict. Iran’s convoy to India added that his country had never started a war in the last four centuries. In an indirect jibe at the legacy of US intervention in West Asia, Chegeni made it clear that all countries should push for “real” peace which was not based on lies and misinformation.  

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Ali Chegeni observed, “A part of our response is actually because the retaliation was our right because of the demand of the people. Millions of people participated in the funeral of the hero General Qassem Soleimani. They demanded the government for that. We have done it. But we wish that this should not escalate in the region. We are not looking for war. Iran, during the last four centuries never began any war against anybody. We are living in this region peacefully with our brothers and friends including India. So, this is our region and we don’t want any escalation." 

He added, “Actually, regional peace is something regional. We expect that all the countries of the region, even all the countries of the world should push for real peace based on justice, not based on lies, accusations, wrong information and misusing the media.” 

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