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VoiceWhat Presents ‘Self-reliant India Brands & Leaders’

A show that focuses on the journey of Indian Brands who have been involved in paving a pathway to create an Atmanirbhar India.

Self-reliant India or Atmanirbhar Bharat is a vision foreseen for the country by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. VoiceWhat in association with Republic Media Network presents, 'Self-reliant India, Brands & Leaders' - a show that focuses on Indian brands working towards achieving the dream of an Atmanirbhar India. The first episode of the series focuses on two innovative and inventive companies - Skanray Technologies and Acrysil.

Skanray is a leading international healthcare technology company specializing in High-Frequency X-Ray Imaging Systems, Critical Care, Dental Care, Primary Healthcare & Telemedicine devices. The company is also the fastest-growing healthcare solutions company. Established in India in 2007, the company has rapidly expanded its operations and R&D setups in countries like Italy & US. The company designs, manufacture, and develops international quality products that cater to hospitals not only in India but also across the globe. Representing the company was an esteemed guest panel that consisted of Mr. Vishwaprasad Alva, Founder & MD; K. Balasubramanian, Executive Director; and M. Shailendra, Director of Business Development. The panelist put forth their views and vision of the company, and shed light on the remarkable journey that the company has witnessed over the years.

"We have grown from a 5-member team to a 700-member team with 50 products, 80 intellectual property rights & trademarks, 6 Units, 100,000 equipment spread across 80 countries,"  says, Vishawaprasad Alva, Founder & MD, Skanray Technologies.

Acrysil Limited was incorporated in 1987 and is primarily engaged in the manufacture of Granite based kitchen sinks or Composite Quartz Sinks. The company started as a joined venture and technical collaboration with Shock & Co. GMBH, Germany. The company has come a long way since it produced its first sink. Acrysil has now diversified into manufacturing their own bath segment and serves customers in 58 countries across the globe. The company currently has over 700 employees as well as a strong network of distributors globally. To represent Acrysil was a distinguished guest panel that consisted of Chirag Parekh, Chairman & MD Acrysil Ltd; Mitesh Chauhan, GM Exports Acrysil Ltd; Marcus Smyth, Managing Director, Acrysil Ltd. UK; and Amitabh Upadhyay VP Sales & Marketing, Acrysil Ltd. Every guest on the panel highlighted the journey of the company from its conception to becoming a global brand.

"We wish to be one of the leading global companies in the field of manufacturing composite quartz kitchen and bath products at the same time we also wish to be one of the most innovative companies in the quartz sector. We currently rank 4th globally when it comes to quartz kitchen & bath products," says, Chirag Parekh, Chairman & MD, Acrysil Ltd. 

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