Sagittarius Horoscope For December 1 | Sagittarius Daily Predictions


Sagittarius horoscope for December 1. Your lucky colours for the day: red and black. Read more to know about daily predictions on love, career, health and more

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Sagittarius is the last fire sign of the zodiac. The symbol of the zodiac suggests they are always on a quest for knowledge. People born between November 23 and December 21 fall under the zodiac sign. They are often the star in the crowd, due to their enigmatic charm and infectious laughter. They are the people who always want to do some or the other things to keep themselves engaging, even when they have enough on their plates. Here's the daily prediction for a Sagittarian.

Sagittarians-what to expect today? 

You will spend the day with your loved ones, reminiscing memories of the past and playing fun games. All the memories of the past will make you emotional. You might get tempted to revisit a place that has special meaning to you. There are chances of a long drive with your relatives. 

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You will spend most of your day with your relatives and family. This will disappoint your partner, who might start a fight over a trivial issue. Stay away from solving any issue in your relationship, because it might lead to the closure of your relationship. 


Today is an ideal day to start a new project or a new investment. You will share a great rapport with your colleagues and will give a junior some important work-related tip. As for students, you may have to put in extra work and time to score the desired grades during this phase.

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Start your day with a few minutes set aside for meditation and yoga. Today, you will be triggered by a slew of emotions. Beware of resorting to comfort food for getting out of the emotional phase. Do not give up on temptation, just follow your diet regime. 


Today is the best day to spend time in solidarity. A family gathering is on the cards, that will help you boost your mood and engage in fruitful conversations. Keep calm as your temperament might stand as a deterrent in your sanity, leading to the closure of long-known relations. 

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