Royal Baby Name Decoded: Did Prince Harry-Meghan Markle Give A Tribute To Princess Diana?

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After weeks of speculation and bookmakers’ odds on the royal baby’s gender and name, the mystery finally concluded on Wednesday as Prince Harry-Meghan Markle gave the first glimpse of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Royal baby name decoded: Did Prince Harry-Meghan Markle give a subtle tribute to Princess Diana?

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After weeks of speculation and bookmakers’ odds on the royal baby’s gender and name, the mystery finally concluded on Wednesday as Prince Harry-Meghan Markle gave the first glimpse of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Naturally, the choice of the name has led to some intense discussions over its origins and other subtle hints.  Here's all you need to know: 

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The meaning of the name Archie is a combination of words that mean 'true or genuine', 'bold or brave.' It is a shortened version of the name Archibald, though in recent years it has been used as itself.

Interestingly, one of the baby’s grandmother Princess Diana’s ancestors was Archibald Campbell, 9th Earl of Argyll.  Archibald Campbell was a Scottish Protestant leader in the 17th century, who was executed for going against the Roman Catholic James II. 



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Buzz over the couple giving a tribute to Princess Diana with their choice of the name has been on an overdrive since the announcement.  Earlier, Spencer, Princess Diana’s maiden name, was being tipped by bookmakers as one of the names that the royal couple could think for their first child. 

While Archie is a Taurian, an astrologer in an interview had stated that he was born at 5.26am BST on Monday morning, at the same time the Sun in Taurus was rising over the horizon and simultaneously with the transit Moon in the zodiac of Gemini. The astrologer claimed that Archie thus shared a connection with his grandmother and he was going to be sensitive to people’s pains and compassionate like her. 

Earlier the Royal Family's announcement of the arrival of the baby also had a connection to Princess Diana. In the note, the family had informed that the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla, Prince William, and  Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge were informed about the news. The last three names in the list, Lady Jane Fellowes, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, and Earl Spencer, are Princess Diana's siblings.

As far as Harrison is concerned, it’s a no-brainer, as the name suggests and is a norm popular in Europe, simply means son of Harry. 

While Archie was and is being termed as a ‘royal baby’, interestingly he doesn’t have a royal title. One of the biggest hints to this is the history of the surname Mountbatten-Windsor. 

As per reports that have surfaced, in 1952, the Queen didn’t allow Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, to give his name to his children and declared that the royal family’s surname would be Windsor and not Mountbatten. 

Prince Phillip was not pleased and protested. In 1960, the Queen gave in to an extent. It was then declared that the Queen’s direct descendants, except those with the style of royal highness and with the title of prince or princess, could use Mountbatten-Windsor when they needed a surname. 

Royal historians and commentators have also opened up on why Archie doesn't have a title.

"He will not be styled as Earl of Dumbarton but Master Archie M-W," royal historian Marlene Koenig shared with E! News. 

"But I am not surprised as Harry and Meghan want a 'normal' life for their kids," Koenig added. 

Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter stated that while many expected the baby to become a prince due to his father's title, he actually wasn't eligible for it, reported Fox News. 

"In this instance, the baby wasn't eligible for a princely title due to the 1917 Letters Patent," Arbiter explained. 

"I think most people were expecting the baby to take on the title of earl, but Harry and Meghan have chosen to forgo all titles in an effort to give their child as normal of a life as possible. He is eligible legally to become an earl, but they've chosen not to use that," she added. 

Archie has not received a royal title upon birth due to The Letters Patent, passed by King George V in 1917. 

The outlet further shared that Archie's cousins, Princes George and Louis, as well as Princess Charlotte, were given titles of prince and princess because they are the children of Prince William. William is the son of Charles, the Prince of Wales, also known as the heir to the throne. 

Therefore, the only way Harry could receive a title for his son is if his paternal great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, steps in. She can issue an order to give the baby boy and his future siblings the title of prince or princess. 

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"Technically, Archie would be eligible to become a prince as a grandson of the Sovereign when Charles becomes king," said Arbiter. 

However, Arbiter shared that Harry and Meghan wanted their son to have a sense of freedom and that does not come with a royal title. 

"He's going to be simply known as Master Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. That gives him a greater chance of a normal life. Who knows what the future holds because one day his grandfather will be king. But it just takes the pressure off. There's not so much expectation. He gets to be normal," she explained. 

The power couple introduced their newborn to the world inside St George's Hall at Windsor Castle, where they celebrated their wedding reception just a year ago. Meghan gave birth to her and Harry's first child, on May 6, in the early hours of the day. 

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