PM Modi Lists Steps To Tackle Climate, Water Crisis; Shares Fuel Goals

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about climate change and related issues as he addressed business leaders at the Global Business Forum 2019 at Bloomberg.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address at the Climate Summit at the United Nation Headquarters in New York was among the highlights of his ongoing visit to the USA. As PM Modi addressed business leaders at the Global Business Forum 2019 at Bloomberg, climate change was once again a topic that sprung up. The Prime Minister once again drew to his ‘need vs greed’ explanation,  highlighting India’s lifestyle that considers Earth as a Mother and not to harm it. PM Modi also said that India is seeking to produce 450 gigawatt renewable energy. PM Modi asserted that if India becomes a member of NSG, they will be a model for the world in terms of fuel. He also listed out the steps to solve the water crisis in India, with plans for a big movement to address it. The Prime Minister also reiterated India’s movement against single-use plastic that will be taken on a massive scale on Gandhi Jayanti. 

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Global Business Forum 2019 at Bloomberg 

PM Modi was asked about ‘one of the most ambitious goals for generating renewable energy’ with India now providing wind and solar energy at ‘some of the cheapest electricity rates in all of Asia’. When asked how he accomplished this and if India is on the track to really meet the ambitious targets he has set, PM replied, “I’m grateful to you that you spoke about the issue that the world is worried about. And I know that you too have the commitment and conviction for it. It’s true that India’s lifestyle is an example for the world. We believe in our principles, that the Earth is our mother and that we don’t have to exploit it. We have the right to extract, but not exploit. India is associated with this thought. We can understand the need, but there is no solution for greed.”  

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Well ahead of target 

PM Modi added, “I believe that this challenge of global warming, more than governments and other organisations is something that can be solved only by the behaviour of citizens. That’s why we need to move forward by connecting human behaviour to nature. India had first finalised the goal at 175 gigawatt renewable energy. Today, I’m delighted that we are well ahead of the deadline, and we have already achieved the work for 120 gigawatt.  

“And yesterday, when I was speaking at the UN, I have put for myself a new target, 450 gigawatt, and in the near future, we will go towards the 450 gigawatt renewable range. To achieve this, we have taken policy initiatives, we have provided incentives. Our attempt is to strengthen the possible solutions,” the Prime Minister continued. PM also said, “There is one challenge for us, that is nuclear energy, because we are not a member of the NSG, we don’t have the supply of fuel as required. If that happens, then we’ll probably we be known as a model in the world in this regard.” 

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PM also stated, “Another issue associated with climate, on which the attention has gone much yet, is water. India has recently taken a big initiative for Jal Jeevan Mission, and we are focusing on rainwater harvesting, recycling, reuse, we want to oversee a big movement in the country. We also want that as per requirements, we resurrect the rivers, and create a grid. We have pratibandit single-use plastic, and to discourage single-use plastic, we have started a very big movement. On October 2, Mahatama Gandhi’s birthday, we are taking a big step in this regard. We are moving ahead on various issues for climate and environment ahead at the same time.” 

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