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Beach Please: A Student-driven Effort To Reclaim Polluted Water Bodies In Mumbai

Here's the story of Malhar Kalambe and his organization, Beach Please, who have taken up the charge of reclaiming Mumbai's water bodies through clean-up drives:

The polluted water bodies in Mumbai are adding to the major scarcity of water the city is facing. Clean potable or drinking water is becoming a far-fetched commodity for a major part of the population. At times like these, Beach Please, a student run organization has taken up the charge of changing the situation. For the last few years, Malhar Kalambe has been gathering people to clean the Dadar beach and parts of the Mithi river in the Mahim creek, every weekend.  

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The Mithi river, originating from the overflow of the Vihar lake and Powai lake, is one of the most polluted rivers in India. According to the residents of Mumbai, the quality of water has depleted to hazardous levels making it unfit for consumption. Not many steps have been taken by the administration. 

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Beach Please was founded in 2017 by Malhar Kalambe. He urged his friends and acquaintances to gather in large numbers at the Dadar beach. In 3 years, Beach Please has managed to engage more than 40 thousand people in their movement. Kalambe and his team has cleaned over 3800 tons of garbage from the Mithi river and yet the river is far from being completely clean.  

There is a need for more such initiatives across the country for a better future. You can contribute in making every drop count. Take the Har Ek Boond pledge. Log on to or give a missed call on 1800 120 887788. 

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