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Shahid Afridi Hits Imran Khan For Six Over Kashmir, Says 'Pakistan Can't Even Control Four Provinces'

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • In an address in the House of Commons, Afridi picks on the Kashmir issue
  • Former cricket captain claims Pakistan cannot even handle its four provinces

Cricketer Shahid Afridi embarrassed Pakistan on a global platform, speaking about the long-lived Kashmir issue in London. 

Speaking in the House of Commons in the UK, the former Pakistan captain said that Kashmir should be left alone and should not belong to Pakistan or India, "I say Pakistan does not want Kashmir, let's not give it to India either. Make Kashmir autonomous, then at least humanity would live," he said

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Afridi said, "Pakistan, which can't even control its four provinces... it does not want Kashmir" and repeated, "You don't give it to India, nor does Pakistan want it. But, humanity is a big thing and it pains to see when people are dying, irrespective of what religion they follow." 

The Kashmir issue was raised in an international event hosted by UK Member of Parliament Rehman Chishti.

Acknowledging the cricketer’s statements, Major Gen GD Bakshi said, "You see it is a fact of life that Pakistan can hardly control itself and control its four provinces that are almost exploding apart, tearing apart. Now does it want to add Kashmir to that? The nation is deep in debt, it is in a debt trap by China, it is going with a begging bowl to China and Saudi Arabia.”

"It wants to add the burden of Kashmir. I hope they realize that they will have to look for financers," he added. 

Adding on to that, Lt. General BS Jaswal said, "I am very happy to say that Pakistan is realizing what the facts are and they should stop dreaming about Kashmir because they have no right on the province, in fact, they should be giving us PoK. There is an internal upheaval taking place in Pakistan. They are realising, that just to trouble India, and raise the bogey of Kasmir, Pakistan in-turn is suffering. They cannot get Kashmir at all, so let India handle Kashmir. And PoK, of course, they won't talk about it, but we will talk about it."

Getting a response from across the border on this controversial statement Col Asad Mehmood said, "First of all I have all my doubts whatever the statement has been given. The statement belongs to him."

He further dissed the cricketer saying, "Some people are habituated to make statements to stay in limelight. Whatever statement he has given has no impact on the situation in Indian Kashmir or PoK."

"It has been a problem for the past 71 years," rebutted Lt. General BS Jaspal

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This is not the first time that cricketer Afridi has commented on the Kashmir issue, but back in April, he called India an “oppressive regime” through a tweet.